Shocking: Toronto police force rabbi to stop hosting JDL / Pamela Geller event (video)

NOTE: We invite citizens to express their concerns about this incident to the chief of the York Region Police, Eric Jolliffe:

Email or call 1-866-876-5423

Meir Weinstein talked to Michael Coren about the shocking development surrounding Pamela Geller’s visit to Toronto on May 13.

The rabbi of the original venue, Chabad Flamingo, was visited by police, who informed him that a Muslim group (or groups) complained to him about his hosting of Geller’s JDL sponsored talk.

The rabbi was told he would lose his position as a York Region police chaplain unless he cancelled Geller’s talk. He therefore felt obligated to pull out of his involvement in the event.

Now the JDL is arranging a new venue for Geller’s visit.

Pamela Geller WILL speak on the scheduled night, somewhere in the Toronto area. Your ticket WILL be honored, regardless of the location.

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