Pamela Geller writes about Canadian police attempts to silence her, and the ADL connection

Pamela Geller:

And [the York Region police in Canada] acted on smears from the ADL. The Police Department had concerns about the event because an Islamic supremacist group had complained to them, citing some of the smears and libels that are circulating about me on the Internet, including the Anti-Defamation League’s denunciation of me.

The capacity for humiliating, destructive behavior from the ADL’s Abraham Foxman (and those Jews who fund the ADL) continues to astound and repel proud Jews across the world. This is the same ADL that has condemned Jews including Joan Rivers, Seth MacFarlane, and Israel itself.

The ADL is more dangerous to the Jews than her avowed enemies, because they appear to be on our side — and yet undermine the staunchest and fiercest Zionists. The enemies of freedom use the compromised Jews of the AFL to defame and destroy a Jew who is truly standing up for Israel and for the principles of freedom and human rights that the Jewish State represents. It’s inexcusable.