Protest against Ayatollah Khomeini ‘love fest’ in Toronto a great success (video)

1370206063806 1370210502388On June 2, 2013, JDL Canada joined various Iranian-Canadians spanning the political spectrum to protest outside the shameful celebration of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s life and teachings taking place right here in Toronto.

Khomeini’s reign of terror and twisted teachings don’t reflect Canadian values, and we wanted to send this message loud and clear.

We succeeded.

Over the course of over two hours, our side received honks of support from passing motorists as they drove past the venue, the Islamic Society of York Region.

We commend everyone who came out to condemn this disgraceful event, particularly the Iranian-Canadians who did so.

Many had lost family members to the Ayatollah’s reign of terror.

JDL Canada’s Meir Weinstein spoke passionately about our reasons for being there: