Opinion: ‘Europe Under Attack; Israel Beware’

With anti-Semitic attacks on the rise, Dror Eydar reviews the explosive situation in Europe. (Could Canada be next?)

┬áIn the first half of the 1980s, the journalist and philosopher Jean-Francois Revel published his book, “How Democracies Perish.” While Revel was referring to the conflict between the West and the Soviet regime, his statements are also appropriate for any sort of totalitarianism, including the Islamic version.

One could paraphrase Revel’s statements by saying that the conflict between Islam and the West is like a soccer game in which one team disqualifies itself from going past the half-way line while the other plays freely inside its rival’s 18-yard box. While Islam treats its rivals (including those who pose no active danger to it) as threatening its very existence and works for their destruction, the West treats subversive elements who actively endanger its existence as mere rivals with whom it has a simple disagreement, no more.

The outcome of this essential difference between these systems is that compared with totalitarian regimes, democracies are far less capable of defending themselves against enemies from within. Islam is exploiting this to the hilt in both the spreading of global terrorism and the creeping takeover of the West.