David Horowitz: Hillels acting like ‘ghetto Jewish councils’ who collaborated with Nazis

Each year, Hollywood screenwriter Robert A. Avrech sponsors a memorial lecture in honor of his late son, Ariel.

This year, the guest speaker was author and publisher David Horowitz.

Horowitz made a startling and troubling statement:

That in university campuses across America, so-called “Jewish” student organizations are trying to appease antisemitism and anti-Zionism, instead of fighting these twin scourges head on.

Horowitz singled out Hillel for particular criticism.

Avrech blogged about the address:

David Horowitz compared many of the campus Hillels to the ghetto Jewish councils who made lists of all the Jews and then turned these lists over to the Nazis.

What is happening on today’s college campuses is taking place on a much wider scale all over Europe, where Islam, always a violent, racist, political ideology, is colonizing entire cities.