How lawyers, legal experts can protest EU’s new anti-Israel directive

From the Lawfare Project:

The Lawfare Project urges all lawyers and legal experts to sign onto the following letter, which calls upon the EU to revoke its recent directive regarding Israeli settlements.

Composed by Ambassador Alan Baker, head of the International Division of the Legal Forum for Israel, the letter will be sent to Catherine Ashton, foreign affairs head of the EU, as well as to the foreign ministers of the 28 members of the EU.

For this letter to have maximal effect, it is vitally important to attach as many signatories as possible.

Please do not reply to this email.

In order to ensure that your signature is attached to the letter, please send your response to with your name, title, and contact information.

If possible, please also forward the letter to colleagues and acquaintances and encourage them to sign.

The letter will be sent in the coming days in view of the urgency of the issue.

You can read the complete text of the letter here.