Report on the JDL Canada protest outside the CBC

JDL-pickets-CBC-2Blogwrath was on the scene, and has more photos at his website. He reports:

The picketing event took place during the lunch break, so many CBC employees saw the JDL-Canada members and sympathizers standing in front of the building.

Yet they all pretended that they didn’t see anything, which was not surprising – the inhabitants of the ivory CBC tower don’t care that much what the masses think, especially when the mainstream Jewish organizations shun the street protests.

Unfortunately, there are times when nothing could replace the street protest. Acting behind the scenes with the hope to change minds is not an effective strategy when working with people convinced that their twisted and biased views are the ultimate truth.

Showing up in person and openly stating your disagreement, the way JDL-Canada does, is often the only way to get organizations like CBC out of their self-righteous nirvana and prove to them that not everybody shares their opinions.