JDL Canada: Multi-condo development in North Thornhill will ‘encourage the spread of radical Islam’

YorkRegion.com reports on the community meeting opposing the development (more background here.)

The national director of the Jewish Defence League says a proposal to place a multi-condo development in North Thornhill will “encourage the spread of radical Islam”.

And Meir Weinstein said he’ll be at Vaughan City Hall tonight as part of an expected large crowd opposed to the application for the development.

The proposal from Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Toronto, at 9000 Bathurst St. between Rutherford Road and Hwy. 7, includes one 17-storey, 205-unit residence with retail space along with another 17-storey seniors residence with 100 assisted living units (132 beds) and 61 three-storey common element condo townhouses.

Mr. Weinstein, national director of the Toronto-based JDL which he said “monitors groups that are involved with radical Islam,” said he has concerns about the developers behind the residences, who he said want a “Muslim-only” community.

An online petition of more than 3,000 Thornhill residents includes concerns about numerous issues with the development including that the plan has problems with: traffic congestion, overcrowding and safety, parking, environmental concerns, quality of life and that the plan is incompatible with a low-rise community.

Comments on various media websites suggest some residents would be less than willing to accommodate an influx of Muslim residents.