Support our fight against ‘Muslim only’ housing in Thornhill

Representatives of JDL Canada attended the first public hearing into this proposed development.

See our “Open Letter” to Vaughn City Council, objecting to the way this meeting was run, and our statement for the record regarding our reasons for opposing the housing development.

After the meeting, the local Shia community reported on JDL Canada’s opposition to the project, using crude, incendiary and blatantly anti-Semitic language. As you can see, their web site includes the banner of the terror group Hezbollah.

Any fair-minded person will agree that the Canadian welcome mat should be withdrawn from people who promote this vile attitude and then claim to be victimized.

JDL Canada is now preparing a public information campaign to support a legal challenge that will expose this re-development proposal.

Financial support can be made online using PayPal or by sending your contribution directly to our office. Click here for our “donation” page.

All funding is receipted and applied towards the campaign.

Your generous contributions will help send the message to community leaders that this re-development proposal is completely unacceptable.