NEW revelations about who is backing Thornhill’s proposed Muslim-only housing development

JDL Canada has obtained additional information uncovering the backers of the proposed “MUSLIM-ONLY” re-development of the Jaffari Centre in Thornhill.

Principals and proponents of the Jaffari Centre are busily engaged in damage control trying to persuade municipal legislators and members of the public that they are indeed good neighbours and care for the concerns expressed about their “MUSLIM-ONLY” re-development proposal.

This group which receives funding from Iran is the same group that sponsors “AL QUDS” day — a hatefest openly celebrated annually on the streets of Toronto.  If you have any doubt about that — here is a snapshot of the bus schedule showing the Jaffari Centre as one of the transportation pick up locations:

thornhill muslim only housing

The Jaffari send their kids to Iran on “school trips”

The ISIJ sends members of its Youth Jamaat on these trips. Below is an excerpt from a report on one of these trips:

“Shehmir presented the speech that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave at the Conference. Among the statements in his strong speech, President Ahmadinejad spoke about how the West is seeking to sow seeds of discord among regional nations with the aim of saving the Zionist regime. He urged the youth to be wary of such propaganda and self-guard them from these vicious influences.”

“Among his strong statements to the youth, Imam Khamenei said that Marxism and Western Liberal Democracy will not have an appeal and this is evident with the awakening that has taken place in several countries over the last one year. He advised the youth that the awakening is the just the beginning and the youth must remain firm in their objectives of tarnishing the Zionist dreams.”

Here’s a fine example of an indoctrinated 10 year old boy, proudly dressed in Jihadi gear shouting “Israel is a cancer”:

To learn more about the funding connections of the Jaffari Centre, please read the entire article at the blog “Blazing Catfur.”

And if reading the above does not give you cause for concern about the motives of the developers and the Jaffari community —  here are some photos of participants in a recent “Al Quds” rally in Toronto demonstrating their civic pride and loyalty:

jaffir radical islam

Mothers flying the Hezbollah flag – a banned terrorist organization.

Guest speaker Elias Hazineh,  threatening to shoot Israelis after a "2 minute warning".

Guest speaker Elias Hazineh, threatening to shoot Israelis after a “2 minute warning”.




The Jaffari neighbours marching with a picture of their hero – Ayatollah Khomeini – the father of their repressed and intolerant culture.

JDL Canada opposes this redevelopment because it infringes on the stability and safety of the existing Thornhill Woods community.

A “Muslim-Only” development is contrary to the values promoted by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and as such, violates the rights of all Canadians.

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