JDL Canada Uncovers Shocking Truth about ‘Educators’ Running the Extremist Thornhill Jaffari Centre

The Canadian Shiite Jaffari Center is the organization proposing a Muslim-only housing development.

In Houston, Texas on January 30, 2011, the Jaffari Centre’s Pakistani born cleric Syed Hassan Mujtaba Rizvi spoke about how much loyalty — he uses the term “affiliation” — Shiite Muslim believers owe to their country of residence, and the relations between religious belief and citizenship.

Here is an excerpt of Hassan Mujtaba Rizvi’s sermon:

“My affiliations are with Iran, because my affiliation with Canada would mean that if in Canada there was something for me to affiliate by, that was given to me by Allah, I should have affiliation with Canada.

“But when I look towards Allah, and I see that He has affiliation with Iran, has no affiliation with Canada with America, I say: I have affiliation with Iran.”

The Jaffari Centre also promotes another radical Islamic leader named Asad Jafri, who they call an “educator of family values.”

At an Al Quds Day rally in Toronto, Asad Jafri said:

“The Zionist regime that sucks the resources, the blood and everything that belongs to all the people across the world…”

The following is a biography of Asad Jafri courtesy of the Islamic Counterterrorism Institute (ICI).   Read it carefully to learn about the background of the people who are educating the Thornhill Jaffari Centre community about “family values”:

Asad Jafri[1] (Arabic: أسد جعفري) is the Canada-based computer professional turned militant anti-Semitic mullah. Asad was born and raised in Toronto, where he grew up in a highly active Islamist community led by none other than the infamous extremist anti-Semitic mullah Mohammed Zaki Baqri[2] of Alipur, Karnataka.

Asad Jafri is a frequent indoctrinator at Shia Association of Bay Area (Saba Mosque of San Jose) and a close associate and a relative of the blacklisted extremist mullah Nabi Raza Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi).

Asad Jafri openly supports the international terror organization Hezbollah. In his speeches to Khomeinist congregations in Canada and the United States, he does not shy away from promoting the dangerous outlaw organization. For instance, during one of his abhorrent militancy indoctrination sessions, he announced:

Asad Jafri: “And if that’s not enough for you, that’s too far in history, come to the summer of 2006, a small group of Shias in Southern Lebanon [i.e. Hezbollah terrorists], holding the flag of Husayn, defeated the Yazid of today [i.e., Israel and the United States. (Yazid is the most evil person to have ever been born. The Shia curse him throughout the year, especially during the Islamic month Muharram al-Haraam.)]. [translation of Quranic verse from Arabic to English: ‘and how many a small group defeated a numerous group’]. These are people a small group, defeated a large group [translation from Arabic to English: with the permission of God] only because of piety and piety alone.”

Asad Jafri commenced his tabligh missions as early as 2006, when he started touring Islamist Khomeinist centers in both American and Canadian cities. His stops in the United States included Atlanta, Dallas, San Jose (at Shia Association of Bay Area (Saba Islamic Center)), and Phoenix.   Asad Jafri has also participated in numerous Ramadan programs in various Khomeinist centers in Toronto.

He is also involved in the youth program at COI radio station.

Asad Jafri is openly hostile towards the United States. He frequently attack the policies of the U.S. Government and openly promotes Khomeinism among the misguided American youths who frequent Islamist centers such as SABA in San Jose.

Asad Jafri is a typical Khomeinist. Hence, his political views do not deviate from the standard line of the Iranian regime and its Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

JDL Canada is working hard to expose the plans of the extremist Jaffari Centre to import Islamic terrorist ideology to Thornhill.

There is clear evidence that children are being indoctrinated to hate and if the plans for the MUSLIM-ONLY condominium development come to fruition — this will represent a safety and security nightmare for Thornhill.

This is not only a local issue of concern for the residents of Thornhill, but this activity must be made a priority at the federal level by the Public Safety Minister of Canada.

The Jewish Defence League of Canada is actively engaged with all levels of government to ensure they recognize the impending threat that the Jaffari Centre poses to the stability of the Thornhill community.

We can’t do this effectively without you.  We need manpower as well as financial support.

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