News about Israel Apartheid Week, Robert Spencer’s visit to Toronto and more

You’ve heard this story before:

A man walks into his doctor’s office after his annual physical exam and the doctor says, “Harold I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”

Harold says, “Give me the bad news first.”

So that’s what we’ll do in this update. Remember, there really is some good news — just keep reading!

The Jewish Defence League is alerting our community to some very disturbing anti-Jewish, anti-Israel developments. Once again, the debunked “Israel Apartheid Week” fiasco is preparing to rear it’s ugly head again on Canadian university campuses -– and around the world.

The promoters of the event seem to think that they gain credibility by inviting speakers who are convicted terrorists and other organizations that promote the use of unsavoury “lawfare” in attempts to silence being exposed; organizations that have raised funds for groups listed by Israel as Hamas front groups.

Please review our vital information and then mark your calendar for some positive actions in which you can participate in order to counter the anti-Jewish / anti -Israel incitement.

The video below was taken at the National University of Ireland – Galway where BDS bullies shout down a professor in typical BDS fashion.  If this is representative of what university administrators refer to as ”intellectual discourse” – perhaps the time has come when we should refuse to fund such institutions any further……taxpayers should be the ones doing the boycotting.

Here is a piece appearing on the “Alternative Angle” blog written by Jonathan Halevi describing two speakers who are being invited to participate in “Israel Apartheid Week” presentations at the University of Toronto.  Both speakers have documented ties to terrorist activities — kind of makes you proud of being a University of Toronto alumnus, eh ?

Here is another excellent analytical piece written by Jonathan Halevi, documenting in sordid detail the relationship between CAIR Canada, a.k.a. “the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM)” and the terrorist organization Hamas.  Mr. Halevi documents in clear detail the irrefutable connection made to CAIR’s activities regarding monies raised for Hamas – a listed (not alleged) terror organization.  Maybe the time has come for the Canadian government to consider expelling this trash from the country.

This story from France is about irrational Jew-hatred, but at least the Muslim assailant got it half-right when she allegedly shrieked: “Dirty Jew, go home to your country, Israel”

Don’t forget to check out this link to “Rabble”, the anti-Israel website sponsored and supported by all your favourite public unions, advising students how to organize for “Israel Apartheid Week” 2014.  But be forewarned: Don’t read this article within 3 hours of your last meal – you might throw up. It’s time to turn up the heat on the “Ban All Public Sector Unions” movement.

And if you think that all this anti-Israel, anti-Jewish rhetoric is inconsequential, have a look what’s happening next door in Windsor, Ontario, courtesy of the Jewish Tribune.

Here’s a link to the pathetic real life story of one of the graduate heroes of York University’s “Students Against Israeli Apartheid” movement, Ali Mustafa, who was recently killed in Syria (doing what, you might ask).  His permanent cyber-obituary will forever brand him as the loser who got a degree in photography from the Online University of Aleppo, studying from his “office” in his mother’s basement, and probably paid for with a stolen credit card.  The surviving family must take some comfort at least in the fact that he’s finally going to meet his 72 promised virgins.

Last, but certainly not least, have a read at the latest crud from our “Thornhill Woods” Jaffari friends at Crescent International, the newsmagazine of the Islamic Movement.  These enlightened “critical thinkers” are excited about the appearance of their guest speakers who have concluded that “Israel Apartheid is even more brutal than South African Apartheid was”.    That’s the problem with the “big tent” philosophy of inclusion: even morons get to express their opinions, as though they even matter.


The Jewish Defence League, in stark contrast to the other mainstream organizations, is not asleep at the wheel.

Here are two important dates and events that you should mark on your calendar and plan to attend:

* Sunday March 23, 2014

9:30 AM at the Lodzer Synagogue
12 Heaton St. Toronto

Come and hear a very impressive group of speakers. Admission is free.   Lunch will be served.

Visit the Israel Truth Week website for details.

* Saturday March 29, 2014
(formerly CAIR Canada, today re-branded as the National Council of Canadian Muslims)


JDL Canada will picket and protest the appearance of Dr. Reza Aslan and the National Council of Canadian Muslims (CAIR Canada)

Joining us will be the great ROBERT SPENCER, one of the world’s leading experts on Islam and groups like CAIR!

He will also be speaking in Toronto in the near future — details will be made available soon. Sign up for the JDL newsletter to be kept up to date on this event and many others.