JDL Canada calls for renewed Jewish leadership in Canada

The Jewish Defence League of Canada is committed to the restoration of pride and integrity to the Jewish people, the return of Jewish values, the reclamation of the Jewish sense of justice, and the abolition of hatred and bigotry.

These values can only be achieved through strong, principled and committed Jewish community leadership, including the rabbinate, lay leadership,  as well as from a congregational perspective.

The Torah teaches us historical and repetitive lessons that the Jewish identity thrives in periods of strong leadership and wanes in the absence of such leadership.

The purpose of this week’s JDL e-mail is to draw attention to, and expose, the lack of Jewish leadership in Canada.  Please read and research the following information and then decide for yourself if these are the people that represent you, and your idea of Jewish leadership.

This week, we focus on one such “leader” that has recently been promoted by CIJA.

That person is Karen Mock.

The following is a statement from the latest CIJA announcement:

“CIJA’s advocacy activities in the GTA are conducted through a Local Partnership Council (the GTA Council) established by CIJA in partnership with UJA Federation of Toronto.  The GTA Council is co-chaired by Berl Nadler and Joel Reitman and its members are: Justine Apple, Fredelle Brief, Rabbi Michael Dolgin, Mark Freiman, Karen Goldenberg, Yael Karol, Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, Michael Levitt, Karen Mock, Evan Pilz, Ed Segalowitz, Joseph Shier, Donna Starkman Shiff, Sharon Shore, David Spiro, Carole Sterling, Henry Wolfond and Morris Zbar.

The GTA Council’s members represent a broad range of political viewpoints, religious streams and advocacy interests that reflect the diversity of our community.”

Karen Mock, the founder of J-Space, has a history of standing with anti-Israel groups.

Please examine the following information:

J-Space claims to oppose BDS. Would that we could believe J-Space, but we can’t because facts are stubborn things.  Consider the following:

Karen Mock uses her Twitter account to promote pro-BDS groups like Beit Zatoun and she is good friends with Judy Rebick, founder of the venomous, anti-Israel, pro-BDS blog, Rabble.







On Thursday January 24, 2014 J-Space Canada and the Canadian Arab/Jewish Leadership Dialogue Group held a joint event; the panelists were Raja Khouri and Karen Mock, founders and co-chairs of the group, and long-time members Maurice Green and Jareer (Jerry) Khouri.

During the event, it is reported that Jewish members agreed with the Arab presenters “that in the West Bank, Arabs live an apartheid-like existence”.

J-Space also made it clear:

“We ardently oppose Israel’s Jewish settlements on the West Bank.”

For the past several years in Toronto, the Jewish Community was very upset that Pride Toronto would allow the anti-Israel group “Queers Against Israel Apartheid” to march in their signature parade.

Pride Toronto told the public that they have a ‘Dispute Resolution Panel’ to handle this type of complaint.  It is a three person panel and two of the three include Maurice Green and Raja Khouri.  Maurice Green was the former president of the New Israel Fund of Canada and Raja Khouri was the former president of the Canadian Arab Federation.

The NGO Monitor provides some information about the New Israel Fund:

  1. Five grantees — Machsom Watch, Coalition of Women for Peace, Women Against Violence, Social TV, and Mossawa —  signed a divestment letter, which was sent to the Norwegian Government Pension Fund.
  2. Adalah ($500,000 in 2008) promotes a “Democratic Constitution” calling for eliminating Israel’s Jewish framework, and based on the “one-state solution.” Adalah officials were also involved in writing and editing a May 2009 South African publication “Occupation, Colonialism, Apartheid?: A re-assessment of Israel´s practices in the occupied Palestinian territories under international law.” The document refers to Israeli occupation as a “colonial enterprise which implements a system of apartheid.”
  3. NIF funded NGOs and their groups were featured centrally in the Goldstone report, which focused on alleged Israeli “war crimes” in the 2009 Gaza war. The report referenced B’Tselem more than 56 times; Adalah, 38; and Breaking the Silence, 27.
  4. NIF’s Shatil Project provides Israeli NGOs with “consulting, training, coalition-building assistance and other services”, including a number of politicized groups.
  5. A confidential US government cable (February 2010), released by WikiLeaks, contained comments by NIF Associate Director in Israel Hedva Radanovitz that “she believed that in 100 years Israel would be majority Arab and that the disappearance of a Jewish state would not be the tragedy that Israelis fear since it would become more democratic.” In response, NIF claimed that “her comments…are her personal views. They do not reflect the policies or positions of the New Israel Fund.”

The Canadian Arab Federation is a prominent sponsor of anti-Israel demonstrations, which feature people waving Hamas and Hezbollah flags, and people calling for the state of Israel to be wiped off the planet.

One video shows a woman pointing toward the camera and declaring:

“Jewish child, you’re going to f—— die. Hamas is coming for you.”

Dr. Karen Mock, J-Space founder, a ‘human rights’ consultant, and past director at the Canadian Race Relations Foundation has a history of associating with Islamic Extremist groups.   Allegations surfaced last summer that the curriculum at the East End Madrassah (EEM) promoted anti-Semitic hatred. Karen Mock together with CAIR Canada defended the Islamic Group behind the EEM.

It should be made clear that CAIR Canada is involved with other Islamic groups that support Iran and Terror groups.   Some of these groups have recently lost their charitable status from the Canadian Government because they fund terror groups.

The Islamic group behind the EEM is the Jaffari Center of Canada which is the main Shia Islamic group in Canada.  This group has promoted events to remember Ayatollah Khomeini.   The Friends of Simon Weisenthal issued the following statement:

“Imam Syed Mohammed Rizvi, spiritual leader of the ISIJ, is responsible for including the antisemitic content in the educational syllabus.”

The two textbooks containing the antisemitic passages include one published by the Al Balagh Foundation in Iran, while the book which likens “the Jews and the Nazis” was published by the Mostazafan Foundation of New York, which the U.S. alleges was a front organization for the Iranian government. FSWC remains tremendously concerned about the creeping influence of the Iranian government in Canadian society and, in particular, its ongoing promotion of anti-Jewish hate.

On Sunday November 7, 2010, Karen Mock, along with Imam Syed Mohammed Rizvi, participated at the Jaffari Center exploring ‘twinning programs’.

J-Space is attempting to have the Jewish Community turn a blind eye to real threats.  This false comfort of appeasement has been repeatedly discredited by history.

On July 10, 2000 CAIR-Can (the name then used by the now called NCCM, National Council Of Canadian Muslims) sent out a fundraising announcement directing donations to The Jerusalem Fund for Human Services (JFHS), described as a Hamas front group by Israeli sources.

Interestingly the Canadian based Jerusalem Fund for Human Services (JFHS) was, according to the CRA, absorbed by IRFAN Canada, IRFAN Canada was stripped of its charitable status by the CRA for…..you guessed it…..funding Hamas.

A change in Jewish leadership is long overdue and the public needs to know and understand how we are misled by false leaders who do not represent Jewish values and who conspire with the enemies of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.  Their activities serve to weaken our resolve by trying to disconnect us from the values taught by the Torah.

The principles for which the Jewish Defence League of Canada stands must be embraced if we value the future of our faith, and the security of the State of Israel.

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