Shalom Toronto reports: JDL Canada gaining support

The weekly community newspaper Shalom Toronto has published a wonderful profile of JDL Canada president Meir Weinstein, who talks about how the group has evolved over the years:

Here’s an excerpt:

A strapping six footer, with dark unruly hair that is just starting to gray, Meir looks far younger than 57. When I ask if he was ever threatened or beat up, he shrugs my question off with “I’m an obstacle for a lot of these guys. My mission is to shut down organizations that pose a threat to the Jewish people and to Israel and nobody is going to stop me. I realized a long time ago, this is my life -this is what I have to do”

When Iran inspired, anti-Zionist, Al Quds Day was held at Queens Park, JDL and its supporters were there. They faced off recently against a group promoting Free Palestinian Prisoners Day in front of the Israeli Consulate. When the Jaffari Centre made moves to establish a Muslim enclave in Thornhill Woods, they fired off protest letters to Vaughan City Hall. Speakers like the controversial Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are drawing sell-out crowds.

JDL and The Toronto Zionist Council is bringing in the outspoken MK, Moshe Feiglin, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Tuesday May 6 at Chabd Lubavitch Synagogue, 770 Chabad Gate in Thornhill. Feiglin has called for the firing of the Internal Security Minister after Jewish children were harassed and abused by Arabs on the Temple Mount.

Read the whole thing at the Shalom Toronto website.

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