Report on July 3, 2014 demonstration and vigil at Palestine House

The demonstration and vigil for the 3 slain Israeli Yeshiva students in front of Palestine House on July 3, 2014 resulted in violence and physical injury to several participants.

Supporters of Palestine House behaving like common street thugs attacked several demonstrators resulting in a street brawl that required significant police resources to control.

We are asking anyone who witnessed the event firsthand to write their notes and forward them to our attention.

Further, we ask anyone who photographed or video-taped the chaotic scene to submit these as well.

We have been asked to cooperate with the police by providing such evidence that would assist them in laying criminal charges against the perpetrators.

As an interesting aside, many residents of the area stated that they are concerned about the presence of Palestine House in their neighbourhood, but have been unable to express their concerns to the proper authorities.

JDL Canada is working with the appropriate policing authorities and related levels of government to have Palestine House removed from this neighbourhood.

Palestine House is intrinsically linked to the terrorist organization Hamas – neither of which have a place in Canadian society.

Please send your information and reports in confidence to: