JDL Canada to confront pro-Hamas rally at Queen’s Park, Toronto: July 26

The JDL will spend Shabbat in downtown Toronto on Saturday July 26th.

Join us at Queen’s Park at 2:00 pm and confront the supporters of Hamas at the annual Al-Quds Day Rally.

They have but one goal : they want Israel destroyed, because Israel is the shining candle of hope for the world in a very dark, backward neighbourhood.

These Al Quds rallies have been scenes of conflict and aggression in previous years, right here in Toronto:

Each time, JDL Canada has been on hand to record and confront these brazen demonstrations of un-Canadian “values” on our streets.

Once again this year, we will demonstrate to these “Jew-Haters” that civilized people and civilized countries reject the supporters of terrorist groups like Hamas and that we will drive them out of our communities.

Bring Canadian and Israeli flags, along with the flags of other freedom-loving nations, and let us wave them proudly in the face of these sick, deranged people.

Let them know that while they celebrate death, we celebrate life. Together we will shout:

“The light that is Israel will never be extinguished !”