URGENT ACTION NEEDED regarding Al Quds Day, Queen’s Park, Toronto

Queen’s Park is still thinking about giving a permit for the Al Quds Day Rally which includes their promotion of “shooting Zionists.”

It’s true:

In the latest blog post at “Muslim Perspectives” — a major voice supporting Al Quds Day — the editors praised a “famous Italian philosopher” for expressing his support for Hamas, and his desire to kill Israelis. Here is the exact quote from “Muslim Perspectives”:

A famous Italian philosopher who is famous for his post-modern approach to philosophy has added his name to a growing list of brave Western intellectuals and politicians who are standing up to the vicious, fascist Zionist regime.

He is on record as having said that “he would shoot those bastard Zionists,” that he thinks that the EU should raise money “to buy Hamas some more rockets,” and that Zionists are “a bit worse than the Nazis.”

You may wish to contact the authorities and ask why people who express such views are permitted to gather at Queen’s Park this Saturday:

Toronto Police Chief-Bill Blair:

Queen’s Park Security Chief, Richard Boon:

Meanwhile, JDL Canada will be present to counterprotest this annual hate-fest, once again taking place on the grounds of the Ontario legislature.

Join us to show your support for Canadian values and the state of Israel

2:00 PM

Queen’s Park
111 Wellesley St. West, Toronto

Bring Canadian and Israeli flags ….. and flags of other freedom-loving nations and let us wave them proudly in the face of these sick, deranged people – let them know that while they celebrate death – we celebrate life …… we will shout:

“The light that is Israel will never be extinguished !”

For further information or suggestions, contact: