A letter from Israel, to JDL Canada

I’ve just received this letter from the daughter of a friend who moved to Tel Aviv about 4 years ago.

It shines a whole new light !

Dearest family and friends abroad,

In light of the horrifying events that have become a reality here in Israel, the growing anti-Semitic rhetoric worldwide and the insufficient and biased coverage abroad I feel compelled to share with you what happened just a few short days ago.

While Israel was aware of some tunnels being built – kibbutzim and communities in the south have been complaining about drilling sounds for ages plus we did know Hamas was digging – no one, not intelligence, not the IDF nor any citizen really was prepared for the discovery of an intricate and well built tunnel system meant for kidnapping and terrorist attacks. We expected poorly dug wormholes with sticks holding up the sides. No one expected to find what the army has uncovered in this operation to restore calm to the south.

Unfortunately, it is time to put all the events of the last few months into perspective – the disintegration of the peace talks, the uniting of Fatah, Hamas and the PA, the escalation of rocket fire, the kidnapping and murder of the three teens in the West Bank, the brutal revenge murder of the Palestinian teen, more escalation, and the eventual ground incursion into the strip. While this country mourned and continues to mourn the death of the teens that lead to this war, it is important to acknowledge that those teens will not be remembered for triggering a war. They will now be remembered as the heroes who saved thousands.

Hamas’ intricate tunnels were part of a bigger plan. Why haven’t they used them before? Why now?

The kidnapping of the teens was not part of their plans. Whoever did it, set in motion a chain of events that has saved Israel the horrors Hamas was planning. The tunnels were a weapon that Hamas was planning to use this Rosh Hashanah to infiltrate Israel with terrorists wearing IDF uniforms. Many of the tunnels discovered were full of hundreds of uniforms and weapons. Their plan was to kidnap as many Israelis as they could in the kibbutzim and communities along the border and massacre everyone else, extending the Gaza border. We still don’t know how deep the tunnels run and how far into Israel they go.

Hamas never claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. Whoever did it, didn’t know what Hamas was planning. Luckily, our enemy isn’t that smart. They began bombarding Israel with rockets when it should have tried to stay quiet if they wanted their massacre plan to work. Their violent escalation of rocket attacks has caused Israel to retaliate and discover their true plans. It is believed that this tunnel attack massacre was also meant to distract from the northern borders so Hezbollah could attack from Lebanon.

If those teens had never been kidnapped, we would be six weeks away from an attack the likes of which this country hasn’t seen since the Yom Kippur war. While we continue to mourn them, we must remember them not as triggers to a war but as the saviours of the south.

It is so important for us as a nation to stay united and maybe even more important for us to stay educated and informed on the facts so we can stand up for our right to live and exist.

To those of you going out to protests and rallies, PLEASE be careful. I have the IDF and an Iron Dome protecting me from rockets but you guys have violent pogroms around every corner with very little protection.

Thinking of all of you and missing you.

Stay informed and be safe…