Happy New Year to our friends and supporters

As we approach the beginning of the New Year, JDL Canada wishes to extend its best wishes to the Jewish community at large, but with a special message to our active friends and supporters.

As the community prepares to welcome the New Year in the traditional fashion, JDL Canada greets the new year with a clear vision of our place in history and the unique challenges we face today.

This past year has seen JDL Canada elevate its role from what many called a “fringe” group to an organization that has captured the conscience of Canadian Jewry.

While other “mainstream” groups claim to advocate for the safety of Canadian Jewry, JDL Canada is the only organization that has actually done something about it.

While other mainstream organizations claim the credit, JDL Canada is the only organization that is on the street confronting the promoters of Jew-hatred.  The recent incident at the Beth David Synagogue in Toronto was a prime example of the effectiveness of the JDL Quick Response Team.

To our friends: you can see from our activities, JDL Canada is growing it’s support base exponentially.  Our ideology and activities are generating interest from all major Jewish communities in Canada and the coming year will see chapters open in all those communities.

JDL is the home address for getting things done.

Unfortunately, our “mainstream” organizations continue to provide platforms for individuals who actually enhance the dangers that face the Jewish community…

One such example is an event taking place in Ottawa on November 09, 2014.  Here’s a link to an event featuring guest speaker Bernie Farber, the disgraced former CEO of the now defunct Canadian Jewish Congress.

In response, this is the text of a letter sent to the organizers by Meir Weinstein, National Director of JDL Canada:

From:  Meir Weinstein
Date:   Friday, Sep. 19. 2014 at 9:03 AM
Subject: Holocaust Education 2014 – Launch event Sunday November 9, 2014(Keynote Speaker Bernie Farber)
To: “afreedman@jewishottawa.com” <afreedman@jewishottawa.com>

Shalom Ms. Freedman,

I am very concerned that the Jewish Federation of Ottawa has chosen Bernie Farber to be the key note speaker for your Holocaust Remembrance program in Ottawa.  As you should be aware, hatred for Jews and Israel is on the rise.  And Bernie Farber associates with groups that promote such hatred for Jews and Israel.  

I would hope that you will reconsider your invitation to Bernie Farber.  In the meantime, the Jewish Defence League will make this information public.

Thank you,

Meir Weinstein
National Director JDL Canada

Due to the resurgence of this new anti-Semitism, it is vital that we call out those people who accentuate and enhance the problem, and isolate them from our community.

We are witnessing a serious drive to recruit homegrown Canadian terrorists by various groups and there is an unprecedented threat to our our community and others as well.

We cannot sugar-coat our message and we need your support to broaden the scope of our work throughout Canada, because the Bernie Farbers in our communities are worse than ineffective, their activities actually embolden the enemy.