JDL Canada fears more attacks on Canadian soil by Muslim terrorists


Following last Wednesday’s terror attack in Ottawa, Meir Weinstein, National Director of the Jewish Defence League (JDL) of Canada said he fears we will be seeing more attacks like the one on Parliament Hill.

Weinstein also predicts an increase in requests for security and said, “Our numbers have definitely gone up and we’ve had calls from different cities to establish branches there. A number of people are working on establishing branches in Montreal and Ottawa, while we have requests from Calgary and Vancouver as well.

“We are getting calls…like (last week’s) Challah Bake event in Mississauga for the Shabbat Project. We were asked by Canadian Magen David Adom to come to an event at Beth Emeth (two) weeks ago,” said Weinstein.

Sunday night the JDL was at the Lodzer Centre in Toronto on behalf of the Canada Israel Friendship Association, and tonight, Tuesday, at Beth Tikvah Synagogue for a Stop Sponsoring Hatred event. They only go where they are asked by organizers, unless there is a call for help, as in the case of the recent disruption at the JNF.

“Three shuls asked for our protection for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: the Sephardic Kehilla Centre, another one in Thornhill and another in North York. The feedback was extremely positive. There was no fee, but there was a donation made to the organization by each of the shuls.

Ever since the High Holidays we’ve been getting calls…from schools to synagogues.

We’re in discussions with at least two schools,” Weinstein said.

On Monday nights in the heart of Toronto, JDL members and guests gather for meetings and Krav Maga (self-defence) classes, attracting about 30 people respectively for a steady turnout of 60.

“We feel there are many institutions and organizations that are vulnerable.

“We have better qualified people than the level of security being provided right now. Many of our members have a serious security background, with years of involvement and training. They’ve worked with security companies, done bodyguard and investigative work. Some are security trainers themselves. We train our own,” said Weinstein.

JDL monitors almost every group with suspected Islamist associations.

“There are extremist organisations here in Canada that are associated with Al Qaeda. Every Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) group in Canada has associations with these terrorist groups,” Weinstein asserted.

Weinstein backed himself up saying: “The Canadian Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid and the Canadian Peace Alliance and the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War have in the past gone to a conference in Cairo organized by the Muslim brotherhood with the heads of Hezbollah and the Brotherhood present. That shows a clear association.

The International Solidarity Movement regularly meets with Hamas, posing for pictures with them and their guns, revealing their intent. That’s the organization that spearheads BDS campaigns and advocates for Hamas.”

Weinstein cites a 2007 article in the Ottawa Citizen and the National Post as further evidence.

The JDL intends to expose and confront these groups and will continue to share information about threats to national security with police agencies in Canada while offering protection services to the Jewish community.