Building momentum for JDL Canada’s Montreal chapter

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Here is another very disturbing story emerging from Montreal.

It’s about a radical Muslim Imam who has applied for a permit to open a controversial community centre in a Montreal suburb. Hamza Chaoui, who is known for his radical views, has caught the attention of several local politicians who are calling for the permits not to be granted.

Finally, it appears that common sense is being substituted for “political correctness” and we are finally starting to emerge from this state of cultural paralysis whereby we have yielded our senses to accommodate an incompatible culture.

What makes this story disturbing however, is the fact that a major Muslim organization — the Muslim Council of Montreal — has come out to support and defend this radical Imam.

You have to scratch your head and draw your own conclusions: when a so-called “mainstream” Muslim organization stands in defence of an Imam who holds radical views, can we not legitimately ask the question:

Is this culture compatible with our Canadian culture and our distinct western values. Furthermore, why should we tolerate a culture that clearly holds our values in contempt?

Meanwhile, recent news reports tell us more about the Montreal Muslims who tried to blow up a VIA train, and even planned to assassinate Canadian Jewish leaders.

Finally, here’s a little 6-minute video of our friend Ezra Levant of SUN TV interviewing terror expert Lt. Col. Jonathan Halevi regarding radical Imams who are preaching hate in Canada.

Join us in Montreal on February 16 for an historic event: the formation of JDL Canada’s Montreal chapter.

The time has come!


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