JDL Canada: Montreal chapter launch a great success

Despite some criticism from the usual detractors and the purveyors of false and misleading information, JDL Canada drew a full house of supporters at its inaugural launch event in Montreal on February 16, 2015.

A capacity crowd attended the public town hall meeting and unanimously expressed their collective concern that the safety of the Jewish community was at risk and that the fear of “European-style” violence in Montreal was a looming reality.

The event gathered significant national exposure as most major media organizations reported on the event.

Meir Weinstein, National Director, conveyed a positive message to the community which was applauded and clearly welcomed by standing ovation.

JDL Canada works in conjunction with the appropriate policing and governmental agencies to assist those authorities with a reliable and comprehensive gathering of intelligence that identifies activities within the community that are of concern to Jewish groups.

In this regard, the mission of JDL Canada is to assist these public agencies with timely information that might serve to help them work more effectively.

In addition, JDL Canada engages in a public awareness campaign to identify radical elements within local communities, and encourage the public to focus their attention on these activities.

Then we bring these activities to the attention of local authorities for appropriate disposition.

We emphasized that JDL Canada works with and supports the growing voice of moderate Muslims who detest the human rights violations promoted by the radical element of Muslim society.

The Montreal launch event concluded with a robust question and answer period and a commitment that JDL Canada has come to Montreal to work cooperatively with all members of the Montreal community, regardless of faith; a commitment to work with lawful authorities; and a commitment to stay in Montreal and become an integral part of the fabric of the local Jewish community.

One example of the success of JDL Canada’s public awareness campaign, demonstrating the need for the Montreal office,  was the recent cancellation of the radical Imam Siraj Wahajj from Brooklyn, New York (named as a co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing) who was scheduled to speak in a Montreal mosque this week.

JDL Canada identified this engagement on February 01 2015, and with a broad effective communication strategy was able to have the engagement cancelled.

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(Remember: JDL Canada does NOT receive any funding from United Jewish Appeal or any other major Jewish or other charities. We are entirely independent and self-supporting, so your secure donations via PayPal are greatly appreciated.


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