Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre opposes a JDL chapter in his city. Is this why?

The Jewish Defence League continues to make important strides in Montreal. The grassroots Jewish community has given the JDL overwhelming support, and our recent public meeting launching our Montreal branch was a resounding success.

Of course, there have also been critics of the Jewish Defence League’s Montreal chapter. CIJA issued a news release against the JDL, and made public statements to the media against us.

Unfortunately, the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, then cited CIJA’s statements as his rationale for condemning the Jewish Defence League, and made a public statement suggesting that JDL Canada was not welcome in Montreal.

However, we’ve received information concerning prior activities of Mayor Denis Coderre that should be of concern to the Jewish community:

Montreal mayor “rejects” characterization of his city as Jihadist incubator

Montreal Mayor Coderre Honouring Radical Islamic Leaders

It is now very clear why Mayor Denis Coderre has such a visceral reaction to JDL Canada:

We want all organizations and persons involved with listed terrorist organizations to be exposed.

Radical Islam has a significant presence in Canada and continues to be given legitimacy by major “mainstream” Islamic organizations throughout the country. When politicians meet with leading Islamic figures that have serious associations to radical Islamist groups — be it from the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas or other Iranian proxies — it is intolerable and our mission is to expose it. Many of these radical Islamic organizations pass themselves off as being moderate.

This is not the truth, and the Jewish Defence League will continue to provide the facts:

Six young people from Montreal leave to join ISIS

The question that needs to be asked is what groups and what persons are responsible for this recruitment ?

How many other associates of these six individuals agree with the aims and objectives of ISIS?

The simple answer is that there are MANY.

JDL Canada Director Meir Weinstein addressed all these issues on Montreal radio last on Sunday, March 1, 2015. LISTEN HERE.