Passover Message from JDL Canada


The Passover (Pesach) Seder has more than its own share of opposites.

It can be confusing: Are we commemorating our freedom and the Exodus from Egypt and slavery, or are we remembering the bitterness of our years as slaves under the cruel rule of the Pharaohs of Egypt?

We recline, to demonstrate we are free. Yet we dip our food in salt-water to remind ourselves of the tears of our slavery.

We drink the “Arba Kosos – four cups” of wine, which represent the “four languages of redemption,” but we eat charoses to commemorate the mortar bricks we were forced to make. Maror reminds us of the bitter times we spent in Egypt, yet we recline to demonstrate our liberty.

The explanation, however, is obvious. As our Sages put it, “Light is only fully recognized when emerging from darkness.” One can only appreciate the importance of freedom after he fully understands what slavery entails. To truly praise Hashem for taking us out of Egypt, we must first learn about slavery, and even perform physical symbols to bring home to us how bitter it actually was.

As I review the bold steps taken by the JDL over the past year, I feel overwhelmed  with pride.

It was JDL that forced  our community to become aware of the threat of radical Islam.  Just two short years ago, leaders of our community would have so-called “interfaith” meetings with leaders of radical Islam. JDL exposed those groups and these meetings no longer occur.

Also, I said that JDL would expand in different cities in Canada and that is a reality in Montreal — and soon to be Western Canada.

The JDL has recently alerted our community and supporters about the threat of the Sabeel PFLP connection.

The JDL will picket the Sabeel Conference in Vancouver April 23-25. 

Also, the JDL will have an open information meeting at a Pro Israel Vancouver Church on Thursday April 23rd in the evening.

Join and support the JDL Protest at the Pro PFLP Sabeel Terror Recruiting Conference in Vancouver.

WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO MAKE THIS IMPORTANT TRIP. It is essential that JDL Canada be present to confront those who spread dangerous lies about Israel and Judaism:

St. Mary’s Kerrisdale Church
2490 W. 37th Avenue  (at Larch)
Vancouver, BC

It is completely outrageous and incomprehensible that at a time when Christians are being murdered and beheaded, that some churches support the Sabeel pro PFLP group and call for the destruction of Israel. Please review the information below:

Hind Khoury, a leader in Sabeel, justifies terrorism against Israel:

Canadian Friends of Sabeel stand in solidarity with a PFLP leader. In the past year Popular Front Political Bureau member and PA Parliament (Legislative Council) member Khalida Jarrar commemorated “the nation’s Martyrs, revolution and the Front, from Martyr Izz A-Din Al-Qassam to the last Martyr to ascend to heaven in the battle that will not be the last. She concentrated on the Martyrs from the Front from the current year, the last of whom were Martyrs of the popular response in Jerusalem, Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal.”

* PFLP Terror Group Claims Responsibility for Har Nof Massacre

Pro PFLP  Dr Jonathan Kuttab  will be speaking at the Sabeel Conference in Vancouver. Dr Kuttab is the chair of the board of Bethlehem Bible College, and also works for Palestinian legal organization Al Haq, which pursues lawfare against Israel.

According to NGO Monitor, the General Director of Al Haq, Shawan Jabarin, has ties to the PFLP terrorist organization, whose latest act of terror was to recently murder four rabbis and a Druze Arab in a synagogue last month.

NGO Monitor continues:

On July 7, 2008, the Israeli Supreme Court noted that Jabarin is “among the senior activists of the Popular Front terrorist organization.” AJune 2007 decision called Jabarin a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” a human rights defender by day and a terrorist by night. In the 1980s, Jabarin wasfound guilty of arranging PFLP training outside Israel, and was sentenced by Israeli courts to twenty-four months imprisonment, of which he served nine. In 1994, he again was arrested for continued involvement with the PFLP.

Jonathan Kuttab works underneath Jabarin, and the leadership of the Bethlehem Bible College is answerable to Kuttab.

Kuttab wrote in 2003 in an article trying to obfuscate the definition of terrorism:

Is “suicide” as a component of the tactics utilized sufficiently abhorrent morally to be, itself, outlawed as an illegitimate form of political struggle? Is suicide a “terrorist” tactic, which should be outlawed by the international community? Israel is currently lobbying for a treaty to denounce suicide attacks (as a matter of international law) and make it an international crime to support, allow, fund, equip or incite actions that involve suicide attacks. Again, if the target of the attack is clearly military and not civilian, the willingness of the fighter to die or take a 100 percent risk of fatality (while strange to the Western mind) is not prohibited under current international laws, and the case has not been made that, in fact, it should be. Unfortunately, all war and armed struggle involves high risks of fatality both for the perpetrators and their enemies. Until war itself is outlawed, the international community, which has an interest in limiting casualties among noncombatants, has not clearly outlawed or repudiated political violence. This includes the perpetrator taking the supreme sacrifice in an effort to inflict maximum casualties on his enemies as a method for drawing attention to his cause.

Lest we start to think “well that was eleven years ago”, Kuttab tweeted this week:

EU no longer considers #Hamas a terrorist group. Time for US to do same

It is unrealistic to expect the Bethlehem Bible College to abandon its sympathy for Hamas, when its chair holds such views.

We are living in historic times.  As we repeat every year at the Passover Seder. “in every generation they rise up to destroy us”. We must  never back down.

The Jewish People have outlived everyone and the creation of the Jewish State of Israel is a message from G-d….

“I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee.”

Stand with JDL and support JDL.

Have a wonderful and meaningful Passover.

With Love of Israel,
Meir Weinstein
National Chairman
Jewish Defence League of Canada