Mark Harding Memorial: Monday April 20th, 7:00

Photo: Blogwrath

Photo: Blogwrath

Mark Harding was a great friend of Israel, and a man who singlehandedly fought Islamofascism even before 9/11.

The JDL is hosting a memorial event in Mark’s honour:

Monday April 20th,  7:00
Toronto Zionist Center
788 Marlee Avenue, Toronto

His friend Blogwrath remembers Mark Harding and his incredible story:

Let me just say now that what shortened his life and caused his untimely death was his passion to help others. He was one of the first Christian ministers to see the threat of the militant Islam. He didn’t hate Muslims – he saw them as misguided souls in a need of help to get out of their trap. Some of them loved him back and appreciated his efforts, others, and they were the majority, hated him and did everything in their power to destroy him. In 1997, through the efforts of the Muslim fanatics, he was convicted for “hate speech” over criticizing Islam. He was the first significant casualty of the Muslim barbarism in Canada.

After his conviction, he was sent for “re-education” to the terrorists of ISNA – the sinister Muslim organization that was caught later financing Muslim terrorism in Pakistan.

The trial ruined his health, but he continued his work with quiet dignity, trying to look into the future instead of lamenting over the past. He was a good man who is survived by a loving family and many friends.

Scaramouche writes:

When, some years after this horrifying treatment, I had the privilege of meeting Harding, I told his that what happened to him was a travesty of justice, and that Canada not only owed him a debt a gratitude but an apology and compensation as well.

But because his name wasn’t, say, Maher Arar–or even Omar Khadr–and even though his innings with Canada’s “hate speech” Javerts took a heavy toll on his health, Harding neither demanded nor received anything for his ordeal.
Rest in peace, Pastor Harding. You will be missed.