Al Quds Day Toronto, July 11 2015 at 3pm ET: Status UPDATE

alQudsProtest2015The Sergeant at Arms for Queens Park has stated that Al Quds Day event will not be permitted on Queens Park this year, because no group demonstrations are allowed during the Pan Am Games.

But two years ago the Sergeant of Arms also did not issue a permit, and the Al Quds event went ahead regardless, on the north side of Queens Park with full police support.

The hatefest will go on this year, too, and calls for the murder of Jews from the streets of Toronto will be heard ….. and our Jewish leaders will be silent.

As we have been in previous years, JDL WILL be there to confront these Islamic Nazis — and we are calling on the public to join us.

In 2013, despite not having a permit for the  Al-Quds Day rally in Toronto, Elias Hazineh, a former head of Palestine House, stood in the city park behind the Ontario legislature and threatened Israelis with death if they did not leave Jerusalem and Palestine.

Last year, Syed Mohammad Zaki Baqri, from the Council for Islamic Guidance, called “Yehudi, [Jews]” Israelis and Zionism “inhuman” while pro-Palestinian activist Eva Bartlett said Sderot residents were “sadistic and criminal Zionists.”

This year, the date for Al Quds Day is Saturday July 11 at 3pm.

The Jewish Defence League will have a Shabbaton in downtown Toronto.   We need your support now. Join us to protest yet another demonstration of Jew-hatred in our city.