JDL’s picket of Trudeau fundraiser a success


National Chairman Meir Weinstein writes:

The JDL picket outside the home of Barry Sherman was successful. The Jewish Defence League members were very respectful and did not impede traffic.

I was disappointed to hear from [host of the fundraiser] Barry Sherman that he was not aware of the Liberal Party of Canada position of the Iran Nuclear Deal. CIJA has not done their job of educating the Jewish community of the Iran Nuclear Deal. This has to change.

The Iran Nuclear Deal gives Iran the capacity to make many nuclear weapons and will also provide Iran with 150 billion dollars. That money will be given to fund international terrorism.

There are many radical Islamic centers that has a relationship with Justin Trudeau. Those radical Islamic group’s will be emboldened from the deal. Now is the time to speak the truth. For the sake of peace, this deal must be stopped.

Media coverage of the protest:

Canadian Jewish News:

Liberal party Leader Justin Trudeau was greeted with calls of “We love our prime minister,” “Harper” and even “no traitors here” as he arrived at an Aug. 26 fundraising event at the home of pharmaceutical magnate and philanthropist Barry Sherman.

About 30 protesters were in attendance, carrying Canadian and Israeli flags and signs comparing the recent Iran nuclear deal with the Munich peace agreement between Adolf Hitler and then-British prime minister Neville Chamberlain, which allowed Germany to annex portions of Czechoslovakia. The demonstrators stood peacefully outside Sherman’s home as Trudeau arrived for the $1,500-a-head event.

National Post:

A Toronto Jewish group made the rare move of protesting one of its own community leaders on Wednesday evening, staging a picket outside billionaire Barry Sherman’s house during his cocktail fundraiser for the Liberal party.

About 30 protesters from the Jewish Defence League lined the street out front of Sherman’s lavish north Toronto home, holding Israeli and Canadian flags.

Jonathan D. Halevi at CIJNews:

The protesters waved the flags of Canada, Israel and JDL welcoming the distinguished guests with signs warning of the perils embodied in the nuclear deal, recently signed by the world powers and Iran, to the security and the very existence of Israel.

One of the guests, Dorothy Shoichet, Skycharter’s chairwoman, went out to the protesters to inquire why they were picketing there. Some tried to convince her that the Liberal Party should not be trusted because of its support of the Iran nuclear deal. Dorothy admitted that there are major flaws in the deal like the “dumb” decision to let the Iranians themselves to be responsible for gathering the ground samples around the nuclear facilities for the international routine inspections. However, she told her interlocutors that their demonstration is unnecessary, and that they should have raised their concerns at the fundraising event inside Sherman’s house.

Guidy Mamann in CJNews:

The Jewish Defence League of Canada has, not surprisingly, decided to trust Netanyahu and follow his lead. They will be picketing outside of the Sherman residence, hoping to persuade other invited guests to reconsider their support of the Liberals and to stand firmly and supportively behind one of Israel’s closest friends and ally, Stephen Harper.

This will not be a protest against the generous work of the Shermans and their philanthropic accomplishments. It will be a protest against a political party that is supportive of a deal considered dangerous for Israel and world Jewry.

I will be joining the protest, because I have no reason to doubt Netanyahu, and I have every reason in the world to support Harper.

The Jewish Press:

Sherman, 73, is Chairman and CEO of Apotex Inc., whose net worth is estimated at $ 3.7 billion, and was ranked 7th wealthiest Canadian (he may be down to 14th according to other sources) and 363rd richest in the world by Forbes. Sherman has donated some $50 million to the United Jewish Appeal, and to several Toronto-area community centers and hospitals.

Last week, the Canadian JDL called on its supporters to protest the fundraiser for Justin Trudeau, stating: “It is absolutely wrong for a leading philanthropist in the Jewish community to support a man that would support the regime of Iran. Many people have contacted the JDL and have asked for our engagement. The Jewish Defense League will therefore have a picket outside the fundraiser for Justin Trudeau,” and they gave the billionaires address at “Corner of Old Colony Road and Gerald Street.”