Join us in fighting anti-Semitism on Canadian campuses


The Jewish Defence League will start a campaign in January to have this antisemitic mural taken down from the main hall in the Student Center of York University. This mural symbolizes violence to be used against Israel. This mural negates the rights of Jews to the Land of Israel.

Students have to walk by this mural every day.

The Jewish Defence League agrees with the position of Avi Benlolo from the SWC of Canada, “university administrations must be held accountable if they promote inconsistent and discriminatory standards. York’s reputation is in a precarious position; its administration should take immediate steps to do the right thing and tear the poster down.”

Join the JDL campaign to have the mural taken down.

Next: A pro terrorism, anti Israel event will be held at University of Toronto on January 12:

955717af-27b0-4c68-b0fc-038e10fa657dThis incitement to murder Jews event will be opposed.  No one is going to be allowed to incite others to stab Jews and get away with it.  The event is described on their Facebook event page in the following manner:

“As the resistance on the ground intensifies, university campuses remain central to building on the Palestinian solidarity movement.”

Also on Facebook, the BDS McMaster group posted this cartoon:


Our overpaid Jewish leaders have turned a blind eye to this incitement against Jews and Israel.