Why JDL Canada supports Im Tirtzu (VIDEO)

Right-wing NGO Im Tirtzu has been embroiled in controversy recently after launching a campaign that exposed 20 Israeli NGOs that it alleges are involved in anti-Israel activity and receive funding from European governments, including Breaking the Silence, New Israel Fund (NIF), Rabbis for Human Rights, +972 Mag, and several others.

A video (see below) released by Im Tirtzu last week called The Foreign Agents – Revealed! depicts a Palestinian terrorist stabbing the viewer, claiming that Israeli leaders of human rights organizations are “moles” that work with foreign countries against Israel’s counter-terrorism agenda. The video accuses the Israeli activists, saying they “fight us while we fight terror,” and calls on viewers to sign a petition to outlaw the 20 organizations.

The JDL supports Im Tirtzu and calls on all our supporters to also support Im Tirtzu.

The issue is very clear. There exists today traitors that seek to defame the one little tiny successful Jewish State and at the same time, give a pass to radical Islam.

The Jewish Defence League also calls on the Canadian Jewish News to stop giving space to traitors. The NGOs that are referred to in the article label the IDF as war criminals and promote a boycott of Israel.

They also call Israel an Apartheid State. It is these NGOs that practice incitement against Israel. ARZA Canada should be ashamed of supporting such anti Israel NGO’S.