JDL Response to Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

The Jewish Community worldwide is under threat. Earlier today, a synagogue in Pittsburgh was attacked and at least 11 Jews were murdered.

There exist many organizations on the extreme right and left that dream of murdering Jews.
There is a need for the Jewish Defence League to expand into all major cities. These organizations on the extreme right and left must be infiltrated and “ticking time bombs” must be identified and caught. Join JDL.

Meir Weinstein attended a vigil today in Jerusalem for the Pittsburgh Synagogue Victims:

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The Jewish Defence League consistently takes the lead in the fight against anti-semitism. We need your contributions in order to continue exposing and confronting anti-semitism against the Jewish community. Other Jewish organizations are often silent, but the JDL consistently takes a stand to keep the Jewish community aware and safe. Please make a generous contribution today, as the JDL does not get funded from any other source. Thank you for your generosity.

Two Jews Require Your Support

Two Jews were arrested for attending the JDL counter protest at the AIPAC Conference in Washington DC. They face serious charges. They need our financial support to cover legal representation. Please make a contribution today and share this message.

For over 70 years Jews have been saying “Never Again”! And in order to show the world that we mean it, we have established a strong, vibrant and viable Jewish state. Seventy years after the end of the Holocaust the pledge of “Never Again” has been put to the test. Israel is surrounded by enemies on all sides; enemies that pledge to wipe it off the face of the earth. But the biggest test is not the behavior of the enemy but the behavior of our friends. Our closest allies are plotting to undermine our security by allowing our enemies a path to develop a nuclear weapon. They have plotted against us by undermining our sovereignty at the UN.

And they are allowing universities to become hotbeds of anti-semitic activity in the Western World.

On Sunday March 26, 2017, a group of over a thousand professional provocateurs converged on Washington DC to protest an Annual AIPAC meeting. They were given free reign by DC Police. They were allowed to block entrances, spout vile antisemitic speeches and harass convention attendees. They were opposed by a tiny group of Israel allies that roughly amounted to 50 people. DC Police demonstrated remarkable leniency to the aggressive protesters.

One of them was allowed to enter a group of pro-Israel folks and shove a disabled deaf man. Since DC Police was demonstrating a hands-off approach, Jewish defenders took matters into their own hands and fought back. We showed the world that when Jews say “Never Again” – we mean it. It did not end well for the guy who started the confrontation. Unfortunately the story doesn’t end there. This time police decided to intervene.

But they did not intervene to protect a tiny number of Jews. They decided it was time to show who is in charge and who enforces the law. They arrested two people. One was a disabled man who was attacked; the other – a person who was standing a few feet away from the scuffle and had nothing to do with the confrontation except that he was pinpointed by one the “witnesses” on the other side.

Immediately the news broke out about “violent Jewish thugs attacking innocent Palestinian man”. We will address the “innocent Palestinian man” question later.

But the two guys that stood up to a bully are now being charged with assault and a hate crime in District of Columbia.

This is a call for action to all Jews that say “Never Again” to show that we mean it. Please help two of our brothers fight to prove their innocence and against the injustice that is being carried out against them. Donate as much as your generosity allows because it’s not going to be an easy fight. Donate, because we need to show to the world that we don’t leave our brothers and sisters on their own when they risk their life and freedom to protect us.

Thank you all!

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‘JDL welcomed back to Calgary: Diverse group says ‘Never Again”

Sheila Gunn Reid reports for TheRebel.media:

There are two things that are so profound about the group of people bringing the JDL back to Calgary. The first was that they aren’t all Jews.They are people from different faiths, and diverse backgrounds who all support the right of the Jewish state to exist and they are willing to fight anti-semitism wherever they find it. Secondly, this is a group who aren’t waiting around for someone else – or the government – to solve their problems.


‘Fans of Anti-Israeli Terrorism Clash with Jewish Students at York University’ (VIDEO)

Our friend Blogwrath attended the JDL’s protest at York last week.

He has an in-depth report at this website, including analysis and background of some of the key anti-Israel event organizers.

Here’s an excerpt:

Despite the opposing voices of anti-Semites, modern Jewish kapos and well-meaning but misguided people, the protest materialized.

A few JDL-Canada members and supporters made their point at the entrance of YU near the end of the park. Others managed to go inside and witness the rally at the food court. It was protected by plenty of campus police that closed the entrances and virtually isolated the fast food joints in the area (that’s fine, the York University students are against capitalist profits anyway).

When the Jews lost patience and raised their voices, the security (uniformed and plainclothes) did their best to keep them silent. (…)

Jews have donated countless millions of dollars with the hope that they support a high institution of learning. The reality is that they have financed a hostile anti-Canadian place which more and more resembles Saudi Arabia. After the protest, CIJA, the organization that claims to represent all Jews in Canada, stated that the anti-Israeli activities in Canadian universities are “marginal”.

If you consider marginal the event you just read about, supported by all major YU student organizations and strongly tolerated by the administration, you should consult your psychiatrist as soon as possible.

Isn’t is time to stop and ask: is this the kind of university anyone in his right mind would support?

‘JDL Protesters Disrupt U of T Palestinian Resistance Event’

CJNews.com reports:

Roughly a dozen protesters associated with the Jewish Defence League of Canada loudly disrupted – and temporarily halted – a panel discussion Jan. 12 at the University of Toronto titled “Palestinian Popular Resistance: Building the Student Movement.”

The protesters, a few of them wearing clothing marked with the JDL logo, sat scattered throughout the audience in the auditorium in U of T’s George Ignatieff Theatre building and, part way through the first speaker’s talk, several of them, including JDL Canada director Meir Weinstein, began shouting things like, “How many Jews do you want to kill?” “Terrorism” and “Anti-Semitism.”

The event moderator said she would apply a “three strike” system – meaning that after three outbursts, anyone interrupting the talk would be asked to leave – but none of the protesters complied with numerous requests to vacate the room, and the organizers eventually called a recess and cleared out the auditorium.

“What I heard tonight was a total justification for murdering Jews,” Weinstein told The CJN after the lecture had moved locations. “It’s unfortunate that this is happening on a university campus. Students are being indoctrinated to hate Israel and Jews, and [these groups] are giving full justification for what’s been called the ‘knife intifadah.’”

Speaker at Toronto’s Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference advocated a North American intifada (video)


Dr. Hatem Bazian was a featured speaker at the radical Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference last weekend in Toronto.  He is a man that advocates an intifada in North America.

PM Justin Trudeau praised the conference as “exemplifying shared beliefs.”

In 2008, Dr. Hatem Bazian was invited to address a Canadian Muslim Conference and the Jewish Defence League exposed him:

This man, Dr. Hatem Bazian, recently stated during a speech to students, “Are you angry? (Yeah!) Are you angry? (Yeah) Are you angry? (Yeah). Well, we’ve been watching intifada in Palestine, we’ve been watching an uprising in
Iraq, and the question is that what are we doing? How come we don’t have an intifada in this country? and it’s about time that we have an intifada in this country that change(s) fundamentally the political dynamics here. And we know every – They’re gonna say some Palestinians are being too radical – well, you haven’t seen radicalism yet!”

JDL Canada provides strong, authentic Jewish leadership

CIJ News reports:

Palestine House, a Mississauga–based organization representing the Canadian-Palestinian community, held (August 5) a demonstration in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto, to protest the murder of Ali Dawabsah, a Palestinian toddler who was burnt to death in a premeditated arson most probably carried out by extremist Jewish settlers. (…)

On the other side of the street dozens of pro-Israel activists – Jews and non Jews – came to protest against Palestinian terrorism. Members of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) waived the yellow flags of JDL alongside signs illustrating in writing and pictures the terrorist nature of Hamas. Some of these signs read: “Palestinian, Arab and Hamas target and kill hundreds of Israeli children,” “Hamas values its children for war and death,” “Pick a side: Hamas or peace and freedom,” “Criminal charges against Palestine House, “160 Arab children died building tunnels for Hamas” and “This is creeping jihad. Free Canuckistan! from jihad zombies.”

Meir Weinstein, National Director of JDL Canada, told CIJnews that his organization will continue to confront Palestine House in its demonstrations against Israel.

JDL Canada confronts returning Gaza boat terror supporters at Pearson Airport (video)

Eye on a Crazy Planet reports:

There were two Canadians among the activists on the latest “Sea Hitler boat” trying to break Israel’s embargo of the terror group Hamas in Gaza.

Two narcissistic Canadian clowns pretending to be “human rights activists,” Kevin Neish and Robert Lovelace, were detained and promptly deported by Israel.

They were greeted by two groups when they disembarked in Toronto. Sea Hitler supporters like David Heap and Khomeinist al Quds day hate-fest speaker Sandra Ruch were there to press their blubber against the returning fanatics, and some angry Jewish Defense League members also were there to confront them.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre opposes a JDL chapter in his city. Is this why?

The Jewish Defence League continues to make important strides in Montreal. The grassroots Jewish community has given the JDL overwhelming support, and our recent public meeting launching our Montreal branch was a resounding success.

Of course, there have also been critics of the Jewish Defence League’s Montreal chapter. CIJA issued a news release against the JDL, and made public statements to the media against us.

Unfortunately, the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, then cited CIJA’s statements as his rationale for condemning the Jewish Defence League, and made a public statement suggesting that JDL Canada was not welcome in Montreal.

However, we’ve received information concerning prior activities of Mayor Denis Coderre that should be of concern to the Jewish community:

Montreal mayor “rejects” characterization of his city as Jihadist incubator

Montreal Mayor Coderre Honouring Radical Islamic Leaders

It is now very clear why Mayor Denis Coderre has such a visceral reaction to JDL Canada:

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JDL Canada prepares to form Montreal chapter

The threat of violence towards Jews is increasing at an alarming rate, but the authorities seem to have limited ability to deal with these outrageous examples of civil disobedience.

These events take place because Jew-bashing has become an accepted form of racism and the sad reality is that many Jews refuse to understand the principle that a bully needs to be confronted to be defeated.

To cite just one example, here’s a recent article in the Montreal Gazette:

Montreal man says he feared he would be attacked during what he described as an anti-Semitic-fuelled altercation in the locker room of the Westbury Ave. YM-YWHA this week

In February 2015, JDL Canada will be establishing a chapter in Montreal with the initial focus of providing a quick response security team to ensure that people who promote this type of Jew-hatred will face serious consequences from within the local community.