A Slap in the Face for Anti-Israel BDS Movement

Via the Gatestone Institute:

Abbas’s stance against the BDS campaign should serve as a wake up call to all its supporters, especially those who are not Palestinians, that negative campaigns only serve to promote hatred and extremism in the region.

Many Palestinians seem to share Abbas’s view. That is why many Palestinians continue to do business with Israelis on a daily basis and continue to hold joint conferences in Israel and different parts of the world.

JDL Canada to picket Toronto JSpace Conference: Oct 6

On October 6,  JSpace Canada is hosting a conference in Toronto entitled “For Israel’s Sake: Raising the Voice of Progressive Zionists in Canada.”

On Sunday, October 6, between 9:30 am and 11:00 am, the JDL will picket outside the University of Toronto Multi-Faith Centre at 569 Spadina Avenue. (Look for the sign “Koffler Centre” over the door.)

We invite all our supporters and friends of Israel to join us.

The JDL is protesting the participation of the Israeli Consulate General, who will give the opening remarks (9:30 am) at this pro-European Union “boycott Israel” conference.

Also, many of the other speakers of this conference have a history of giving legitimacy to leaders of Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah support groups in Canada.

The policies of JSpace are the same as the anti Israel policies of the European Union which is to boycott Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria. And that policy is counter to the policy of the Government of Canada and the Government of Israel.

All participants of the JSpace conference are giving legitimacy to the European Union’s policy.

Closing remarks for this pro European Union Boycott Israel Conference will be made by Peter Beinhart, whose ideas about Israel have been called “follies and illusions” by author Ron Radosh, who writes:

“[Peter Beinhart]  is quickly becoming the poster boy for the anti-Israel movement. (…)

Pretending to support a two-state solution, Beinart advances his thesis that Israel’s pro-settler policy is the reason that Palestinians have turned against the Jewish state. Of course, if the current settlements were the cause of their hatred of Israel, he would have to explain why throughout the decades they have consistently turned down every offer made by Israel that would have led to two states, one Jewish and one Palestinian.

And he would have to explain why, from day one of Israel’s creation, the Arab states and the Palestinian residents, led by the Nazi ally Grand Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini, pledged to oppose the Jewish state to the last drop of their blood. In their eyes, any amount of territory given to the Jews was a settlement that had to be destroyed.

To advance his agenda, Beinart now argues for a strategy of boycotts and disinvestment not in all of Israel, but just in products coming from Jewish settlers who live anywhere in the West Bank. Of course, such a boycott could never work, and no one but Beinart favors it. It would quickly become a boycott of anything made in Israel, since no one buying any Israeli products in fact knows where it is made in Israel and by whom. It also legitimizes the very idea of boycotting Israel, but this time to be carried out in the name of saving Israel from itself.

This is, to use a Jewish term, a good example of chutzpah gone wild.

‘How did support for Israel become a conservative cause?’

Janice Fiamengo writes:

Israeli socialism didn’t last, of course, and in time Israel became a thriving, innovative, free-market economy and a top producer of high-tech marvels such as micro-chip components in cell phones.

Israel’s fall from favor with liberals was due to this and a combination of other factors, most particularly Israeli military power and the nation’s willingness to use it in self-defense, the rise of the Palestinian narrative of victimhood, which has gained remarkable traction, the increased visibility of the religious element of Jewish national life, and the general shift rightward in Israeli politics and culture. All of these combined have made it difficult for progressives to love Israel.

How lawyers, legal experts can protest EU’s new anti-Israel directive

From the Lawfare Project:

The Lawfare Project urges all lawyers and legal experts to sign onto the following letter, which calls upon the EU to revoke its recent directive regarding Israeli settlements.

Composed by Ambassador Alan Baker, head of the International Division of the Legal Forum for Israel, the letter will be sent to Catherine Ashton, foreign affairs head of the EU, as well as to the foreign ministers of the 28 members of the EU.

For this letter to have maximal effect, it is vitally important to attach as many signatories as possible.

Please do not reply to this email.

In order to ensure that your signature is attached to the letter, please send your response to office@haforum.org.il with your name, title, and contact information.

If possible, please also forward the letter to colleagues and acquaintances and encourage them to sign.

The letter will be sent in the coming days in view of the urgency of the issue.

You can read the complete text of the letter here.


Report: Secret EU funding of violent, pro-terror BDS groups exposed

The anti-Israel “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” movement presents itself as a grassroots cause, but is that really the case?

A new report by the watchdog group NGO Monitor suggests otherwise.

Rather, many BDS activist groups are getting secret funding from the powerful European Union, in direct contravention with the EU’s supposed philosophy of “supporting peace and democratic development.”

To cite just one example from the report, one group called the Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) received $470,000 in taxpayer funds from a branch of the EU.

NGO Monitor notes that CWP has partnered with groups whose “protests have often turned violent,” and its activists have been seen participating in pro-Palestine demonstrations, carrying the flags of a terrorist group.

NGO Monitor concludes:

The facts clearly demonstrate that either the [EU] officials involved were unaware of the groups chosen to receive taxpayer funds, or that they chose to promote NGOs that fuel the conflict and promote confrontation, under the façade of ‘non-violence.”


Israel: Alicia Keys will perform in Tel Aviv in July despite pressure from boycotters

EJP reports:

R&B singer Alicia Keys announced that she is going forward with a July 4 performance in Tel Aviv despite calls from other artists to cancel her  trip  as part of a cultural boycott of Israel.

Musicians like Roger Waters, former member of the Pink Floyd band, and writers like Alice Walker have asked her not to go forward with these plans to protest Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians. (…)

Alicia Keys, whose albums include “Girl on Fire,” told The New York Times on Friday: “I look forward to my first visit to Israel. Music is a universal language that is meant to unify audiences in peace and love, and that is the spirit of our show.”

‘Successes and Failures of the BDS Campaign’

Adam Shay of the American Center for Democracy:

A concerted and well-organized campaign calling for “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” (BDS) against the State of Israel has been in effect for several years now. The aim of this boycott is to inflict tactical damage to a wide variety of academic, commercial, and cultural interests, as well as strategic damage to Israel by way of constant erosion of its national and international legitimacy.

While the movement’s self-defined operations include boycott, divestment, and sanctions, this definition is not an accurate one, since divestment is itself a form of economic boycott and sanctions are an action reserved solely for countries. The title BDS should therefore be regarded as a brand-name rather than a description of the movement’s activity.

In spite of its constant use of belligerent, violent, and deceitful tactics, the BDS movement has very little to show in the way of success regarding sanctions or divestment.

The cultural boycott, however, has proven the most efficient and effective channel for this campaign, due to several unique characteristics discussed below.

There has been very little success in the way of divestment, although the movement claims to have brought about several such acts. There is no shortage of examples of the movement claiming responsibility for such acts despite the fact that they never actually took place, as well as several so-called acts of divestment that had nothing much to do with pressure exerted by the movement or with political considerations, but were rather the result of simple financial considerations.

Boycott York University starting April 2013

STOP the lies.



The Jewish Defence League of Canada is calling for a boycott of York University.

There are many high profile members of the Jewish Community who donate large sums of money to York University.

Beginning in April 2013, JDL will picket outside the offices of such high profile members of the Jewish Community to demand that they no longer provide material support to York University.

Terrorist Supporters and Anti-Semitism Permitted at Crime-Plagued York University: (Shocking VIDEO evidence.)

STOP the lies. STOP the BDS !!!!!!!!!!!

Please sign the petition.




York University Professor: David McNally

March 27, 2013