The Jewish Defence League mission to Vancouver was a success!



It was very important to establish a JDL presence in Vancouver because of the many anti Israel groups that are active there.

These anti Israel groups in Vancouver have lead campaigns to boycott Israel and have even attempted to block shipping boats from Israel.

A JDL presence in Vancouver will lead a campaign to counter future anti Israel activities.

The latest anti Israel action was a so-called Palestinian Christian group called Sabeel that had a conference in a church to promote the PFLP terror group as a group following in the footsteps of a Palestinian Jesus.

The Jewish Defence League did picket the conference and was joined with some members from the Jewish community and mainly the Christian community.

We all stood outside in the rain and cold determined to expose and confront hate, lies and promotion of terror.

Anti Israel groups wrote about our actions in Vancouver:

Jewish Defense League in Canada threaten to “derail” conference

And the official Anglican Church publication wrote about the event and sided with the anti Israel group:

“Christian Zionism a ‘heresy,'” says Anglican priest

It is vital that JDL expands into other cities in Canada. The need is urgent.  Anti Israel groups are growing and our Jewish leadership is weak.

JDL will fill this void and provide strong Jewish leadership.  But in order to be a success, JDL must have your support.  JDL now has a presence in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and soon Calgary and Ottawa.  Join us and give us your support.

Connecting the dots: Canadian Friends of Sabeel and the PFLP terror group

The connection between the  Canadian Friends of Sabeel (CFOS) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror group is very clear.

All church groups should be aware that by supporting CFOS, they are supporting the PFLP. The PFLP is listed by the Government of Canada as a terror group.

Because one of our goals is to weaken support for terror groups in Canada, the Jewish Defence League will provide this information to these church groups.

The JDL will picket the Sabeel Conference in Vancouver April 23-25.

Also, we will have an open information meeting at a Pro Israel Vancouver Church on Thursday April 23rd in the evening.

Join and support the JDL Protest at the Pro PFLP Sabeel Terror Recruiting Conference in Vancouver.


It is essential that JDL Canada be present to confront those who spread dangerous lies about Israel and Judaism:

St. Mary’s Kerrisdale Church
2490 W. 37th Avenue  (at Larch)
Vancouver, BC

The Canadian Friends of Sabeel is involved in a campaign to support a leader of the Terror Group PFLP by the name of Khalida Jarrar.

This is their announcement on the CFOS Facebook page. They shared this announcement
from their supporter Rima Najjar:


CFOS – Canadian Friends of Sabeel shared Rima Najjar’sphoto.
4 April at 13:59
“OUR DAUGHTERS WILL SPEAK FOR US UNTIL PALESTINE IS FREE The Jewish state is silencing the mother (Khalida Jarrar), but her daughter @[119100092:2048:Yafa Jarrar]’s voice rings loud and clear. FREE PALESTINE! (lawmaker and PFLP member Khalida Jarrar is one of many Palestinian lawmakers to be detained by Israel, a policy that has received international criticism over the years.) The Jewish state has imprisoned PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, but his aptly named daughter @[610683592:2048:Sumoud Sa’dat] will continue to speak until Palestine is free.”
Rima Najjar with Sumoud Sa’dat and 3 others


The Jewish state is silencing the mother (Khalida Jarrar), but her daughter Yafa Jarrar’s voice rings loud and clear.

FREE PALESTINE! (lawmaker and PFLP member Khalida Jarrar is one of many Palestinian lawmakers to be detained by Israel, a policy that has received international criticism over the years.)

The Jewish state has imprisoned PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, but his aptly named daughter Sumoud Sa’dat will continue to speak until Palestine is free.

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Passover Message from JDL Canada


The Passover (Pesach) Seder has more than its own share of opposites.

It can be confusing: Are we commemorating our freedom and the Exodus from Egypt and slavery, or are we remembering the bitterness of our years as slaves under the cruel rule of the Pharaohs of Egypt?

We recline, to demonstrate we are free. Yet we dip our food in salt-water to remind ourselves of the tears of our slavery.

We drink the “Arba Kosos – four cups” of wine, which represent the “four languages of redemption,” but we eat charoses to commemorate the mortar bricks we were forced to make. Maror reminds us of the bitter times we spent in Egypt, yet we recline to demonstrate our liberty.

The explanation, however, is obvious. As our Sages put it, “Light is only fully recognized when emerging from darkness.” One can only appreciate the importance of freedom after he fully understands what slavery entails. To truly praise Hashem for taking us out of Egypt, we must first learn about slavery, and even perform physical symbols to bring home to us how bitter it actually was.

As I review the bold steps taken by the JDL over the past year, I feel overwhelmed  with pride.

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URGENT meeting about Palestinian Liberation Theology: Monday, March 23, 2015

We are holding a second meeting about a troubling new trend called “Christian
Replacement Theology,” also known as “Palestinian Liberation Theology.”

Monday, March 23, 2015
7:30 PM
Toronto Zionist Centre
788 Marlee Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

At this second meeting, we will feature another video that explains this campaign to demonize the Jewish people and assault the State of Israel.

JDL Canada will travel to Vancouver to protest a Replacement Theology conference in April. We will raise awareness about this perverted ideology, which is being promoted by dangerous people who seek to ignore and re-write history.

You can help and support this trip by MAKING A CONTRIBUTION through our new crowdfunding project.

Read this expose of SABEEL and its supporters in Frontpage Magazine.


Help send JDL Canada to B.C. to protest an anti-Israel conference

As we told you earlier, JDL Canada plans to travel from Toronto to Vancouver to confront a “Replacement Theology” event which is trying to undermine Christian support for Israel.

We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to help get us there!

Please visit our crowdfunding page to watch an short but important video explaining what Replacement Theology is and how it is trying to rewrite history (and even the Bible!) while diverting attention away from Islamist attacks on Christians and others.

We have a duty to confront and expose lies about Israel and Judaism everywhere and anywhere!

Thank you in advance for supporting our effort to take this message where it is needed most!

Video, discussion on ‘replacement theology’: Monday, March 16

Join us:

Monday, March 16, 2015
7:30 PM
Toronto Zionist Centre
788 Marlee Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

There is a growing organized attempt to undermine and damage current Christian support for Israel.  This campaign is spear-headed by the same coalition of far-left fringe groups that promote the now debunked Israel Apartheid Week and further give support to the atrocities committed in the name of radical Islam — namely, the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East.

Their hatred for Israel is so intense that they turn a blind eye to the plight of their fellow Christians who are being mercilessly massacred by crazed Islamists.

This movement is known as “Replacement Theology.”  It preaches that the Jewish people are a cursed nation and that their church represents the “new Israel”.  They proclaim that Jesus was a Palestinian and not a Jew.

JDL Canada plans to counter protest and expose their upcoming event in Vancouver.

On Monday, March 16, at the Toronto Zionist Centre, we will show a video explaining what their plans entail and then form an action plan to counteract this anti-Semitic movement.

Please attend and share this event.

JDL to protest anti-‘Christian Zionism’ conference: April 23-25, 2015

There is a serious attempt to undermine current Christian support for Israel.

This attempt is being spear-headed by haters of Jews and of Israel.

The Jewish Defence League is calling on the public to join us in an action plan to derail this venomous campaign of blatant anti-Semitism.

JDL Canada is planning to protest this event in Vancouver between April 23 and 25, 2015 and we need you to join us, show your solidarity — and provide your financial support to enable us to attend and picket this event.

Please DONATE to JDL Canada today, especially if you can’t attend our British Columbia protest in person.

Help us carry the message on your behalf, that anti-Semitism disguised as criticism of Israel must be confronted.


Two Muslim converts arrested in Canada Day terror plot (video)

Sun News reports:

A man and woman from B.C. have been arrested and charged in a terror plot targeting the BC legislature in Victoria on Canada Day.

RCMP allege John Stewart Nuttall, in his late 30s, and Amanda Marie Korody, in her late 20s, both from Surrey, BC, built explosive devices they planned to detonate at the provincial parliament buildings as part of an attack inspired by al-Qaida ideology. (…)

CMP Assistant Commissioner James Malizia said investigators began monitoring Nuttall and Korody in February based on information provided by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. They are both Canadian citizens who did not have contact with international terrorists, Malizia said.

Malizia added there was no evidence the pressure-cooker explosives were linked to the Boston Marathon attack, despite similar appearances.

However, a terrorism expert said it’s likely the duo were converts to radical Islam and coached in the alleged plot.

“This idea of self-radicalizing is very interesting,” Simon Fraser University professor Andre Gerolymatos told QMI Agency from Athens, Greece. “Most experts do not believe that an individual could get on the Internet and, following various jihadist websites, become a terrorist.

“It takes more than that. There has to be someone who’s going to take you down this path. Some individual or individuals.”

He added the bombs were designed to kill people and not damage buildings.

These kinds of bombs are what have been used in Afghanistan and Iraq by al-Qaida and by the Taliban.” Gerolymatos said.