JDL Canada welcomes Paul Weston and Lars Hedegaard: Thursday, March 10

pwarrest1The Jewish Defence League of Canada will host Paul Weston (leader of PEGIDA UK) and Lars Hedegaard (President of the Danish Free Press Society) to speak about:

“The Threat of Radical Islamic Immigration and the Erosion of our Freedoms.”

Thursday, March 10
Toronto Zionist Centre
788 Marlee Avenue

Weston and Hedegaapic_giant_030613_sm_hedegaard-450x328rd are frequently libeled and censored by the press and their political enemies, and have even been physically attacked.

Hear about their first hand battles against radical Islam.

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General seating: $20 each
VIP seating: $36 each

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It is important to build an international coalition against the threat of radical Islam.

The recent violence and terror in Europe is spreading and we have to work hard and work together.

JDL to attend memorial service for French terror victims: Jan 14, 7:15 pm

JDL Canada urges its members and supporters to attend the memorial service for the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

The service is being held this evening at the Shaarei Shomayim Synagogue located at:

470 Glencairn Avenue, Toronto

Join JDL Canada outside the synagogue at 7:15 PM

Bring JDL and Israeli flags.

‘The Medieval Anti-Semitic Views of 150 Million Europeans’

An interview with Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld:

If Muslims were the dominant percentage of people who had answered the questions about Israel in the affirmative, one could have never arrived at such high figures. Yet there is no doubt and the few studies available show it also, that the major non-selective immigration from Muslim countries has brought with it a percentage-wise higher number of anti-Semites and also more extreme ones.

The 150 million Europeans who believe that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians are predominantly native ones. This claim is not only absurd to the extreme, but also highly slanderous. During the two years from the end of 1941 until the end of 1943 in the extermination camps Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor alone, 2 million people – mainly Jews – were murdered by the Germans. The technology of genocide has ‘advanced’ greatly since Germany’s mass murders. If these genocidal accusations against Israel were true, the last of Palestinian adults and children would have been murdered long ago.

In reality, the number of Palestinians has continued to increase greatly in the last decades. Palestinian children are born in Israeli hospitals and sick ones are treated by Israeli doctors.

In 2007, Gunnar Heinsohn and Daniel Pipes compared all global conflicts since 1950 that had more than ten thousand casualties. There were 67 of them. The Arab-Israeli conflict came in 49th place. The number of deaths in some of these other conflicts is several tens of times as much. Yet, the many anti-Semites of the Israel-hating type in Europe have succeeded in demonizing Israel.

How lawyers, legal experts can protest EU’s new anti-Israel directive

From the Lawfare Project:

The Lawfare Project urges all lawyers and legal experts to sign onto the following letter, which calls upon the EU to revoke its recent directive regarding Israeli settlements.

Composed by Ambassador Alan Baker, head of the International Division of the Legal Forum for Israel, the letter will be sent to Catherine Ashton, foreign affairs head of the EU, as well as to the foreign ministers of the 28 members of the EU.

For this letter to have maximal effect, it is vitally important to attach as many signatories as possible.

Please do not reply to this email.

In order to ensure that your signature is attached to the letter, please send your response to office@haforum.org.il with your name, title, and contact information.

If possible, please also forward the letter to colleagues and acquaintances and encourage them to sign.

The letter will be sent in the coming days in view of the urgency of the issue.

You can read the complete text of the letter here.


Report: Secret EU funding of violent, pro-terror BDS groups exposed

The anti-Israel “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” movement presents itself as a grassroots cause, but is that really the case?

A new report by the watchdog group NGO Monitor suggests otherwise.

Rather, many BDS activist groups are getting secret funding from the powerful European Union, in direct contravention with the EU’s supposed philosophy of “supporting peace and democratic development.”

To cite just one example from the report, one group called the Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) received $470,000 in taxpayer funds from a branch of the EU.

NGO Monitor notes that CWP has partnered with groups whose “protests have often turned violent,” and its activists have been seen participating in pro-Palestine demonstrations, carrying the flags of a terrorist group.

NGO Monitor concludes:

The facts clearly demonstrate that either the [EU] officials involved were unaware of the groups chosen to receive taxpayer funds, or that they chose to promote NGOs that fuel the conflict and promote confrontation, under the façade of ‘non-violence.”


Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer launch legal fight against UK banning

Our good friend Pamela Geller and her colleague Robert Spencer are raising money to fund a court challenge.

Their aim is to overturn the ban placed on their entrance to the UK by the Home Office.

Robert Spencer explains:

In one of the most foolish and self-defeating decisions in recent memory, the British government has banned us from entering the country.

Our message of free speech and equality of rights for all before the law is too hot for them. But just last week they let in a Saudi imam who has said: “Devotion to jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls, and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion, is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer.” (…)

We will have to hire a top British legal team that can navigate through all the roadblocks and obstacles that the Home Office puts up.

It’s going to cost us upwards of $25,000.

Can you help? This cause is larger than just the two of us. Everyone who speaks out against jihad and Islamic supremacism will ultimately be targeted in the same way.

If we don’t make a stand and overcome this now, the foes of freedom will be bolder than ever to pick us off, one by one, and impose their sinister agenda.

Geller, Spencer banned from entering UK (video)

Our great friend Pamela Geller, along with tireless anti-jihadist Robert Spencer, have been banned from entering England.

They’d planned on attending a memorial for soldier Lee Rigby, who was beheaded by Muslims on a Woolwich street last month.

The Home Office have declared Spencer and Geller to be threats to the public order, yet this same government allows hate-preaching imams to enter England again and again.

Pamela Geller has collected the international response to this outrage at her blog, Atlas Shrugs.

Alas, much of the international press continues to spread the libel that Geller and Spencer are “Islamophobic” and attribute statements to them that they’ve never made.

Anyone who was fortunate enough to hear Pamela Geller speak at the JDL Canada event in Toronto knows that the “evil” caricature of Geller cooked up by the press is absurd.

Don’t believe everything you read in the “mainstream media”!

‘Dreyfus revisited. Karsenty convicted’

JDL Canada hosted an address by Phillipe Karsenty a couple of years ago. He laid out evidence that the the so-called “Al Dura affair” had been a modern day blood libel, yet another “Paliwood” hoax.

Shamefully, Karsenty has lost the latest round in a long legal battle with the French state television channel that he accused of promoting this anti-Israel slander:

Phillipe Karsenty was convicted of defamation by what passes for a Court in France for having the effrontery of revealing the fraud of the Al Dura affair and attacking the lies of the producer of the infamous child killing fraudulent video Charles Enderlin and the state owned France 2 TV News channel.

This is Kafkesque. Doubtless this travesty of justice will be appealed. The stain of this court ruling is on the honor of France for this calumny. But then think of the Dreyfus affair. After three trials it was left for the President of France to ‘pardon’ Capt. Henri Dreyfus for the sin of being Jewish and set up by an anti-Semitic French General Staff. The irony in the Karsenty case is that both he and Enderlin are Jewish.

Geert Wilders: ‘Israel is the litmus proof’ (video)

In a recent speech about the future of Western civilization, Geert Wilders singled out Israel for praise and attention:

In the coming weeks and months, I will try to see as many patriot leaders in Europe as possible. And I always ask them for their views on Israel. Because Israel is the litmus proof.

The Jewish people did exactly the opposite of what the Europeans did after the Second World War. They drew the right conclusion. They realized that without a nation-state of their own there could be no safety for their people.

Without a nation-state, without self-governance, without self-determination there can be no security for a people nor preservation of its identity. This was the insight that led the Zionists to strive for the re-establishment of the state of Israel. Theodore Herzl said that there had to be a Jewish state in order to ensure – I quote – “a new blossoming of the Jewish spirit.” – end of quote.

Indeed, a soul needs a body. The spirit of a people cannot flourish outside the body of the nation-state. The nation-state is the political body in which we live. We must preserve and cherish it. So that we can pass on to our children our national identity, our democracy, our liberty.

My friends, what we need today is Zionism for the nations of Europe. The Europeans need to follow the example of the Jewish people and re-establish their nation-state.

And that, my dear friends, is why every patriot, apart from being a democrat, by definition also has to be a true friend of Israel. A patriot cannot be anti-Semitic.

Opinion: ‘Europe Under Attack; Israel Beware’

With anti-Semitic attacks on the rise, Dror Eydar reviews the explosive situation in Europe. (Could Canada be next?)

 In the first half of the 1980s, the journalist and philosopher Jean-Francois Revel published his book, “How Democracies Perish.” While Revel was referring to the conflict between the West and the Soviet regime, his statements are also appropriate for any sort of totalitarianism, including the Islamic version.

One could paraphrase Revel’s statements by saying that the conflict between Islam and the West is like a soccer game in which one team disqualifies itself from going past the half-way line while the other plays freely inside its rival’s 18-yard box. While Islam treats its rivals (including those who pose no active danger to it) as threatening its very existence and works for their destruction, the West treats subversive elements who actively endanger its existence as mere rivals with whom it has a simple disagreement, no more.

The outcome of this essential difference between these systems is that compared with totalitarian regimes, democracies are far less capable of defending themselves against enemies from within. Islam is exploiting this to the hilt in both the spreading of global terrorism and the creeping takeover of the West.