JDL soccer game and BBQ fundraiser for Free Dominion: Sunday July 28, 2 pm

You’re invited to a day of fun, food and fundraising!

Our friends at the website Free Dominion are still entangled in a long legal battle, related to their  criticism of Canada’s Human Rights Commissions.

They write:

“On September 9th, we will begin a three week defamation trial in Ottawa where a jury will decide if regular Canadians should be punished for engaging in political speech about Section 13, a law that was so terrible that Parliament had to repeal it, and about the public servant that was using it the most.” (…)

The September case involves several “John Doe” defendants, witnesses and lawyers that will all need to be housed and fed for three weeks.  We have booked accommodations with kitchens so that they can keep their costs to a minimum by staying for free and cooking their meals.  We also have enormous legal fees and other expenses to get this done.

It’s true:

While Section 13 has been repealed, it has NOT been declared unconstitutional.

That means that some citizens STILL have to fight costly legal battles because a law that used to be on the books!

This is just another crazy twist in the story of this bizarre Orwellian law, passed with good intentions to curb “hate speech” — but later used to try to silence anti-jihad bloggers like Free Dominion.

Court cases cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, travel and accommodation.

Let’s have some fun and raise some legal funds for the good people at Free Dominion at a BBQ/soccer game fundraiser!

Sunday, July 28, 2013 — 2:00 pm

Bayview Reservoir, NORTH FIELD
Southeast corner of Bayview Avenue and Sycamore Drive (Hwy 7), just north of Thornlea SS

To join the soccer game, send your contact info to jdl@jdl-canada.com

See you there!

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