JDL Canada calls for renewed Jewish leadership in Canada

The Jewish Defence League of Canada is committed to the restoration of pride and integrity to the Jewish people, the return of Jewish values, the reclamation of the Jewish sense of justice, and the abolition of hatred and bigotry.

These values can only be achieved through strong, principled and committed Jewish community leadership, including the rabbinate, lay leadership,  as well as from a congregational perspective.

The Torah teaches us historical and repetitive lessons that the Jewish identity thrives in periods of strong leadership and wanes in the absence of such leadership.

The purpose of this week’s JDL e-mail is to draw attention to, and expose, the lack of Jewish leadership in Canada.  Please read and research the following information and then decide for yourself if these are the people that represent you, and your idea of Jewish leadership.

This week, we focus on one such “leader” that has recently been promoted by CIJA.

That person is Karen Mock.

The following is a statement from the latest CIJA announcement:

“CIJA’s advocacy activities in the GTA are conducted through a Local Partnership Council (the GTA Council) established by CIJA in partnership with UJA Federation of Toronto.  The GTA Council is co-chaired by Berl Nadler and Joel Reitman and its members are: Justine Apple, Fredelle Brief, Rabbi Michael Dolgin, Mark Freiman, Karen Goldenberg, Yael Karol, Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, Michael Levitt, Karen Mock, Evan Pilz, Ed Segalowitz, Joseph Shier, Donna Starkman Shiff, Sharon Shore, David Spiro, Carole Sterling, Henry Wolfond and Morris Zbar.

The GTA Council’s members represent a broad range of political viewpoints, religious streams and advocacy interests that reflect the diversity of our community.”

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JDL Canada Chanukah Freedom Party with special guest Andrew Bostom: Dec 2

It is that time of year for members of JDL , supporters and friends gather to discuss issues, light the Menorah, eat some great food and grow stronger.

Dr. Andrew Bostom will be joining us as the evening’s guest speaker. Bostom is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Islamic anti-Semitism, sharia and jihad. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear him talk about these and other urgent issues.

JDL Chanukah Freedom Party
Monday December 2,  7:30 pm
Toronto Zionist Center 788 Marlee Avenue (Map)
Contact: 416-736-7000

  • Tickets are $20 each.
  • Please purchase online via PayPal to reserve your seat
  • Click the “BUY NOW” button and you will be taken to a new page where you can select the number of tickets you want.
  • NOTE: Your PayPal email receipt is your admission ticket.

JDL Chanukah Party Dec 2

Here’s why this event is so important:

A recent PEW STUDY has revealed serious problems within the North American Jewish Community. As Jews become less attached to their roots, they begin to work against their own people. Consider one of the major Jewish organizations in Canada, known as CIJA.

That organization recently justified their participation at a J Space conference that had Peter Beinhart as their keynote speaker. Peter Beinhart calls for a Boycott of Jewish settlements/towns in Judea And Samaria. (See video.)

CIJA even asked the Jewish Community not to publicly protest against expressions of Jew hatred and public demands for the destruction of Israel. The leader of J Space defends radical Islamist that support Iran and Hezbollah. On campus, the most vocal against Israel are so called left wing Jewish students. And the Hillel groups remain silent.

Furthermore, there is recruitment within the Syrian Canadian community to join the so called rebels (Al Qaeda) in Syria. Islamic Conferences in Toronto provide platforms for pro Hamas speakers, while Islamic groups in Canada help fund terror groups like Hamas. Some Jewish leaders have even spoken at these Islamic conferences.

And it is the mission of the Jewish Defence League to expose and confront these dangers.

The central message of Chanukah is that a small minority of Jews took action against danger to the Jewish State and People. Radical Islam is a threat to the Free World.

Join us on December 2 for an evening of celebration and solidarity.