JDL to protest Roger Waters concerts in Toronto, Montreal and NYC (Sept/Oct 2017)

Musician Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame has been a leader of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign within the cultural arena. He has lobbied countless artists to refuse to perform in Israel, while criticizing others for doing so.

Waters is currently touring to promote his new album. Music is intended to transcend political barriers and promote cultural exchange, pluralism, and diversity. Instead, Roger Waters is promoting hate.

The Jewish Defence League will continue to take action against Roger Waters until he renounces antisemitism in all of its forms, including the unjust boycott of the Jewish state.

JOIN US in Toronto, Montreal and New York City as we protest at venues where Waters is performing:

SEP 11: New York City (Barclays Center)
See this event’s Facebook page for details

OCT 2: Toronto (Air Canada Centre)
See this event’s Facebook page for details

OCT 16: Montreal (Bell Centre)
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JDL members attacked at BDS World Social Forum in Montreal

13661960_1478851035474204_8574419379537444081_oThe JDL was very successful in exposing the true face of the World Social Forum Conference in Montreal.

JDL Executive Director Meir Weinstein was attacked just minutes after the JDL arrived on the scene. See the video here.

Despite that, the Jewish Defence League protest continued for 2.5 hours. We never back down. The individual has now been reported to police.

The JDL protest was covered by the CBC, as well as here and here.




Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre opposes a JDL chapter in his city. Is this why?

The Jewish Defence League continues to make important strides in Montreal. The grassroots Jewish community has given the JDL overwhelming support, and our recent public meeting launching our Montreal branch was a resounding success.

Of course, there have also been critics of the Jewish Defence League’s Montreal chapter. CIJA issued a news release against the JDL, and made public statements to the media against us.

Unfortunately, the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, then cited CIJA’s statements as his rationale for condemning the Jewish Defence League, and made a public statement suggesting that JDL Canada was not welcome in Montreal.

However, we’ve received information concerning prior activities of Mayor Denis Coderre that should be of concern to the Jewish community:

Montreal mayor “rejects” characterization of his city as Jihadist incubator

Montreal Mayor Coderre Honouring Radical Islamic Leaders

It is now very clear why Mayor Denis Coderre has such a visceral reaction to JDL Canada:

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Meir Weinstein guests on Radio Shalom: Sunday March 1, 6-9 pm ET

This Sunday on The Howie Silbiger Show – We’ll be joined by the good people at CIJA to discuss the alleged rise in anti-Jewish activity in Montreal and then we’ll be joined by Meir Weinstein, the head of the Canadian Jewish Defense League to discuss his proposed solution to this alleged problem.

Should be fun, join us won’t ya? Sunday 6-9pm on 1650 AM in Montreal or online at www.radio-shalom.ca

JDL Canada: Montreal chapter launch a great success

Despite some criticism from the usual detractors and the purveyors of false and misleading information, JDL Canada drew a full house of supporters at its inaugural launch event in Montreal on February 16, 2015.

A capacity crowd attended the public town hall meeting and unanimously expressed their collective concern that the safety of the Jewish community was at risk and that the fear of “European-style” violence in Montreal was a looming reality.

The event gathered significant national exposure as most major media organizations reported on the event.

Meir Weinstein, National Director, conveyed a positive message to the community which was applauded and clearly welcomed by standing ovation.

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Barbara Kay: In defence of the Jewish Defence League

From the National Post:

So it is no surprise that Canadian Jewry’s official voice, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and its Montreal subsidiary, the Montreal Centre for Jewish Affairs, expressed vigorous opposition to the Jewish Defence League’s launch of their new Montreal branch at a public meeting the evening of Feb 16.  (…)

It was not the official Jewish community that got the infamous Holocaust denier and Judeophobe Ernst Zundel busted and returned to Germany. It was information turned over to Attorney-general Roy McMurtry by the JDL working in collaboration with Holocaust survivor Sabrina Citron that lost Zundel his mailing privileges, and subsequently to charges that stuck. It was not CIJA that got the despicably and overtly anti-Semitic Palestine House in Toronto defunded of their millions in grants; it was the JDL, through information they dug out and passed along to grateful government authorities. It is not CIJA that stands shoulder to shoulder in the streets with Jews protesting Hamas and Hizbollah supporters screaming “Death to Israel”; it is the JDL. It wasn’t CIJA that organized a counter-rally to the 2014  Toronto Al-Quds Day rally, whose members in 2013 had called for the shooting of Jews in Jerusalem; it was the JDL.

And as much as I trust the police to ensure basic law and order in demonstrations like the intimidating Al-Quds rallies, no police officer is going to stand beside me personally to face down the hateful words of anti-Semites in their hundreds. The JDL gives individual Jews the confidence to confront their enemies peacefully The JDL does not look for physical trouble. Their method is to keep watch and alert police to troublemakers. Far from fear-mongering, I call that confidence-mongering. And Jews need confidence, especially young Jews on campus today.

JDL Canada’s expansion into Montreal makes the news

CBC News:

“You guys have a serious problem,” Meir Weinstein said in an interview, referring to what he called a rise in the number of people and organizations in Montreal that promote religious radicalism.

But the controversial organization’s first expansion outside Toronto will also have a political bent.

“We are very concerned that there are prominent leaders in the Jewish community in Montreal who stand behind the Liberals,” he said.

“We want to change that.”

Weinstein said only the Conservative Party has taken a “strong and proper” position on terrorism and he wants the Jewish community in Montreal “to stand behind the Conservatives.”



Weinstein, 56, said he planned to have local JDL members aggressively monitor and “infiltrate” radical Islamic groups.

In August, Weinstein, in the wake of some incidents of anti-Semitic vandalism in Montreal, organized a local meeting to gauge interest in reviving the JDL after decades of inactivity.

National Director Meir Weinstein also spoke to CJAD’s Barry Morgan about JDL Canada’s upcoming meeting in Montreal (register here to attend.)

Building momentum for JDL Canada’s Montreal chapter

Click on the link below to pre-register online:

Online Event Registration by Constant Contact

Here is another very disturbing story emerging from Montreal.

It’s about a radical Muslim Imam who has applied for a permit to open a controversial community centre in a Montreal suburb. Hamza Chaoui, who is known for his radical views, has caught the attention of several local politicians who are calling for the permits not to be granted.

Finally, it appears that common sense is being substituted for “political correctness” and we are finally starting to emerge from this state of cultural paralysis whereby we have yielded our senses to accommodate an incompatible culture.

What makes this story disturbing however, is the fact that a major Muslim organization — the Muslim Council of Montreal — has come out to support and defend this radical Imam.

You have to scratch your head and draw your own conclusions: when a so-called “mainstream” Muslim organization stands in defence of an Imam who holds radical views, can we not legitimately ask the question:

Is this culture compatible with our Canadian culture and our distinct western values. Furthermore, why should we tolerate a culture that clearly holds our values in contempt?

Meanwhile, recent news reports tell us more about the Montreal Muslims who tried to blow up a VIA train, and even planned to assassinate Canadian Jewish leaders.

Finally, here’s a little 6-minute video of our friend Ezra Levant of SUN TV interviewing terror expert Lt. Col. Jonathan Halevi regarding radical Imams who are preaching hate in Canada.

Join us in Montreal on February 16 for an historic event: the formation of JDL Canada’s Montreal chapter.

The time has come!


Why We’re Establishing a Montreal Chapter of JDL Canada


Montreal has become a focal point for radical Islamic ideology which is changing the fundamental character of this great Canadian city and its traditionally distinctive French-Canadian cultural values:

The presence of the JDL in Montreal will solidify the relationships with other anti-jihadist forces in Quebec to highlight and confront the problem of radical Islam and shut down institutions that promote radical Islamic ideology.

Join us to establish JDL Canada’s first Montreal chapter:

Monday, February 16, 2015
7:30  P.M.
Ruby Foos Hotel
7655 Decarie Blvd. (FREE parking)
(Metro stop:  Namur  on the Orange Line)

Click on the link below to pre-register online:

Online Event Registration by Constant Contact

Admission is FREE but pre-registration is required.

JDL Canada to establish Montreal chapter: Feb 16, 2015


Online Event Registration by Constant Contact

The threat of violence towards Jews is increasing at an alarming rate, but the authorities seem to have limited ability to deal with these outrageous examples of civil disobedience.

To cite just one example, here’s a recent article in the Montreal Gazette:

Montreal man says he feared he would be attacked during what he described as an anti-Semitic-fuelled altercation in the locker room of the Westbury Ave. YM-YWHA this week

JDL Canada is establishing a chapter in Montreal with the initial focus of providing a quick response security team to ensure that people who promote this type of Jew-hatred will face serious consequences from within the local community.

We invite you to attend this historic meeting, which will be held:

Monday February 16, 2015
at 7:30 PM
Ruby Foos Hotel
7655 Decarie Blvd.
(Metro stop: Namur on the Orange Line)
Montreal, QC H4P 2H2

For more details and to register for this free event, click HERE.