JDL Canada prepares to form Montreal chapter

The threat of violence towards Jews is increasing at an alarming rate, but the authorities seem to have limited ability to deal with these outrageous examples of civil disobedience.

These events take place because Jew-bashing has become an accepted form of racism and the sad reality is that many Jews refuse to understand the principle that a bully needs to be confronted to be defeated.

To cite just one example, here’s a recent article in the Montreal Gazette:

Montreal man says he feared he would be attacked during what he described as an anti-Semitic-fuelled altercation in the locker room of the Westbury Ave. YM-YWHA this week

In February 2015, JDL Canada will be establishing a chapter in Montreal with the initial focus of providing a quick response security team to ensure that people who promote this type of Jew-hatred will face serious consequences from within the local community.