‘Muslim group fails to convince hotel to cancel speakers’

Canadian Jewish News:

A speaking engagement featuring U.S. anti-jihadist activists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer will go ahead at a Toronto-area hotel despite efforts by a Muslim group to have the hotel “reconsider providing event space” for the talk. (…)

JDL leader Meir Weinstein said the hotel consulted its lawyers and the York Regional Police before rejecting the NCCM request.

“I think the hotel saw that the allegations [against Geller and Spencer] were unfounded.”

“The NCCM was trying to intimidate and silence critics of organizations sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood,” he added.

Muslim Brotherhood CAIR-Canada Bullies Hotel Hosting Pamela Geller/ Robert Spencer Event

Not surprisingly, CAIR-Canada (which has changed its name to the National Council on Canadian Muslims) is trying to intimidate the Toronto venue where Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller will be speaking on September 17.

Pamela Geller responds here.

Here is the JDL Canada letter to the hotel. We will not back down.



Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller in Toronto: September 17

pam-and-rob-JDL(NOTE: Tickets are no longer for sale via PayPal. Only a very limited number of tickets will be available at the door.)

JDL Canada is delighted to announce that Pamela Geller is returning to Toronto on Tuesday, September 17, 2013, at 7:30 pm.

This time, she is joined by her distinguished colleague, Robert Spencer, one of America’s foremost experts on the Koran, jihad and sharia.

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer will speak at:

Hilton Suites Hotel and Convention Centre
8500 Warden Avenue,
Markham, Ontario

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Your email receipt from PayPay is your ticket. Your name will also be added to a guest list at the door.

Please contact JDL Canada if you have any questions.

We’re very excited about this one of a kind event, and look forward to seeing you there!

Geller to testify in August about Toronto police intimidation surrounding JDL event

JDL Canada sponsored Pamela Geller’s speech the Toronto Zionist Centre earlier this year, but her talk was originally scheduled to take place at a local synagogue.

The shul’s rabbi cancelled the event after what many describe as police intimidation.

At her website, Geller announces that she “will be giving testimony the second week of August” during an investigation of these serious charges.

We’ll post more information when it becomes available.

For now, Pamela Geller’s new column looks back at this shameful episode, which should embarrass all free thinking Canadians:

When a policeman uses the full force of the state to enforce the Shariah at the cost of our constitutionally protected inalienable rights, the West is in trouble. But that’s what happened last May in Canada, when I was scheduled to speak at the Chabad Flamingo Synagogue in Thornhill, right outside of Toronto’s city limits. Two of York Regional Police’s “finest,” Chief Eric Jolliffe and Inspector Ricky Veerappan of the force’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau, threatened Chabad Rabbi Mendel Kaplan into canceling my speech.

Other Canadians wouldn’t stand for this, and my speech went on as scheduled in another venue. And now I have even more good news. The intrepid Canadian freedom fighter Ezra Levant was determined not to let this police intimidation stand. He encouraged me to file a complaint, and now our complaint against Inspector Veerappan has been accepted for investigation. Our complaint against Chief Joliffe has been forwarded to the York Regional Police Services Board for further consideration – since he is chief of police, there are extra procedures to go through.

Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer launch legal fight against UK banning

Our good friend Pamela Geller and her colleague Robert Spencer are raising money to fund a court challenge.

Their aim is to overturn the ban placed on their entrance to the UK by the Home Office.

Robert Spencer explains:

In one of the most foolish and self-defeating decisions in recent memory, the British government has banned us from entering the country.

Our message of free speech and equality of rights for all before the law is too hot for them. But just last week they let in a Saudi imam who has said: “Devotion to jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls, and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion, is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer.” (…)

We will have to hire a top British legal team that can navigate through all the roadblocks and obstacles that the Home Office puts up.

It’s going to cost us upwards of $25,000.

Can you help? This cause is larger than just the two of us. Everyone who speaks out against jihad and Islamic supremacism will ultimately be targeted in the same way.

If we don’t make a stand and overcome this now, the foes of freedom will be bolder than ever to pick us off, one by one, and impose their sinister agenda.

Geller, Spencer banned from entering UK (video)

Our great friend Pamela Geller, along with tireless anti-jihadist Robert Spencer, have been banned from entering England.

They’d planned on attending a memorial for soldier Lee Rigby, who was beheaded by Muslims on a Woolwich street last month.

The Home Office have declared Spencer and Geller to be threats to the public order, yet this same government allows hate-preaching imams to enter England again and again.

Pamela Geller has collected the international response to this outrage at her blog, Atlas Shrugs.

Alas, much of the international press continues to spread the libel that Geller and Spencer are “Islamophobic” and attribute statements to them that they’ve never made.

Anyone who was fortunate enough to hear Pamela Geller speak at the JDL Canada event in Toronto knows that the “evil” caricature of Geller cooked up by the press is absurd.

Don’t believe everything you read in the “mainstream media”!

An Open Letter to the Toronto Board of Rabbis, Regarding Pamela Geller

Toronto Board of Rabbis
4600 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario
M2R 3V3

Dear Rabbis,

I join many others in expressing my profound disappointment and deep sense of sadness at your, at best, misguided, but far more likely, misinformed, repugnant statement regarding Pamela Geller’s speaking engagement here in Toronto, which I attended. For an illustrious group, as you portray yourselves to be, you have committed the unforgivable sin of speaking lashen hora of an individual you neither know nor care to know. You accuse Ms. Geller of being known for her “extreme criticism of Muslims in language that is intended to shock and ridicule” but you offer NO examples of her words to support your claim. You claim, with certainty, that the result of her speaking engagement will be “increasing tensions within the Jewish community and between Jews and Muslims in Toronto.”  For rabbinic clergy to even level such a charge against Ms. Geller is beyond the pale – with your words you have given credibility and legitimacy to all those who hate us, including the Muslim Brotherhood. You might be proud but, many of us whom you purport to represent, are ashamed of what you have said. You might find Ms. Geller’s words “distasteful” but I find your words, accusations and actions despicable.
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Jewish Tribune: Pamela Geller vs Toronto Board of Rabbis

Joanne Hill reports:

In a press release, the TBR said it considered Geller’s views “distasteful” and expressed “profound disappointment that a local Jewish organization” [the Jewish Defense League of Canada] had invited her to speak here. It described Geller as “a blogger who is known for her extreme criticism of Muslims in language that is intended to shock and ridicule.”

Geller was unaware of the TBR statement until the Jewish Tribune brought it to her attention. The TBR said it is “a strong supporter of freedom of speech for all, including Ms. Geller. Ms. Geller’s voice and message are already well known here in Canada and beyond. There was no sense in inviting her here to speak before a Jewish audience.”

The 400 people who purchased tickets, and the numerous people who were turned away at the door, may beg to differ. The main room where Geller spoke was standing room only and another room was filled with people who paid to watch her on a screen.

The audience reacted audibly with shocked gasps and exclamations when Geller announced, “Today the Toronto Board of Rabbis came out with a statement condemning me.”  (…)

Although the Toronto Police Service (TPS) had not received any complaints about Geller’s appearance, members of its hate crimes unit were in the audience monitoring what was said.

Pamela Geller’s Toronto speech a huge success (video)

Thanks on behalf of all of us at the Jewish Defence League of Canada, to everyone who worked so hard to make Pamela Geller’s speech at the Toronto Zionist Center such a success.

A special note of appreciation to the tireless dedication of all the volunteers.

The venue was sold out, so an overflow crowd enjoyed a live simulcast in an upper room. There were no protesters inside or out.

At her blog Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Geller wrote:

Every room at the Toronto Zionist Centre was standing room only, and there was electricity in the air. Fantastic. I stand in awe of unbowed Canadians. They have the courage of their convictions.

Pamela Geller’s speech was outstanding: