‘Fans of Anti-Israeli Terrorism Clash with Jewish Students at York University’ (VIDEO)

Our friend Blogwrath attended the JDL’s protest at York last week.

He has an in-depth report at this website, including analysis and background of some of the key anti-Israel event organizers.

Here’s an excerpt:

Despite the opposing voices of anti-Semites, modern Jewish kapos and well-meaning but misguided people, the protest materialized.

A few JDL-Canada members and supporters made their point at the entrance of YU near the end of the park. Others managed to go inside and witness the rally at the food court. It was protected by plenty of campus police that closed the entrances and virtually isolated the fast food joints in the area (that’s fine, the York University students are against capitalist profits anyway).

When the Jews lost patience and raised their voices, the security (uniformed and plainclothes) did their best to keep them silent. (…)

Jews have donated countless millions of dollars with the hope that they support a high institution of learning. The reality is that they have financed a hostile anti-Canadian place which more and more resembles Saudi Arabia. After the protest, CIJA, the organization that claims to represent all Jews in Canada, stated that the anti-Israeli activities in Canadian universities are “marginal”.

If you consider marginal the event you just read about, supported by all major YU student organizations and strongly tolerated by the administration, you should consult your psychiatrist as soon as possible.

Isn’t is time to stop and ask: is this the kind of university anyone in his right mind would support?

Open Letter to the President of York University

Attention President M. Shoukri,

I am very concerned about your recent statement regarding the antisemitic mural at York University.  You have not given any indication that action will be taken to remove the mural. Jewish students have been very vocal that they do not feel safe on campus and the mural is a call for violence.

Please do the right thing and remove the mural.

On January 28, you called for a  “Presidents Advisory Committee on Inclusion”  to be established.  I am very concerned about the composition of such a committee, because in 2009, there was an anti-racism task force created  at York University to deal with similar issues on campus.   And some of the members on that task force were involved in fostering antisemitism on campus.  I sent you a letter back then with details about that task force.   On one such occasion, Jewish students had to be barricaded in a room until police arrived.

According to the “Students United Against Racism” web site, one of the Task Force Members listed was  Ali Mallah and this is how they described him:

“Ali Mallah has served on the Board of Directors of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations for two terms. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Social Justice (including having served one term as Treasurer). Ali has represented the Canadian Union of Public Employees and the Canadian Peace Alliance at International Conferences in the USA, UK and Egypt. He is currently the Ontario Vice-President of the Canadian Arab Federation.”

According to this short bio, Ali Mallah “represented the Canadian Union of Public Employees and the Canadian Peace Alliance at International Conferences in…Egypt.” The conference in Egypt was sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood Organization and reported Antiwar group backs working with Mideast radicals in the Ottawa Citizen May 9 2007:

“Ali Mallah, who represented the Canadian Arab Federation, the Canadian Union of Public Employees and two antiwar groups, said Canadian delegates “made a very important contribution” in Cairo.”

Also, in 2015, a Federal Court judge ruled that the Canadian Arab Federation could reasonably be seen as supporting banned terrorist groups that are antisemitic.

I would like to meet with you to discuss these issues with you.

Thank you,

Meir Weinstein, National Director
Jewish Defence League of Canada

Join the JDL campaign against York University

e432986c-4546-42dc-a3c1-af1713099f5fTwo weeks ago JDL confronted calls for the murder of Jews at the University of Toronto:

Every campus in Canada has anti Israel student groups that spread fear and support for terror groups, such as Hamas.  Just last week, the University of Toronto hosted an event that openly supported the current violence against Jews in Israel.

And to the credit of the JDL, the event was stopped.

York University has a collaboration agreement with Al Quds University which glorifies terrorists that murder Jews in Israel. The Jewish Defence League will start a campaign against York University.

fed69c19-bbeb-4bc5-ad84-53bc089fda2cJoin the JDL campaign to have York University cut its ties with Al Quds University.

York University has allowed calls to murder Jews. There is a large mural displayed in the main Student Building at York University that calls for violence.

There is an active group on campus called the “Students Against Israeli Apartheid” that fully supports “the popular resistance” which according to Arab leaders in Israel means the “knife intifada” — in plain terms; stabbing Jews; driving vehicles into Jews; shooting Jews.

According to the Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, between September 13, 2015 – January 2, 2016, 27 Israelis have been killed and 279 wounded — 25 of them seriously.

This new wave of Palestinian terrorism included 100 stabbings, 37 shootings and 22 car rammings in addition to firing rockets (from Gaza), detonating explosive charges,
and many hundreds incidents of stone throwing and firebombings.  Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs added, “the current wave of terrorist attacks is part of the PA’s strategy of “popular resistance” (i.e., popular terrorism) adopted by the PA and Fatah at the Sixth Fatah conference in August 2009.”

On February the 4th, Students Against Israeli Apartheid will have another anti Israel event — and this time it will be confronted by JDL.

JDL will hold a protest at York University that same day, February 4, to start our campaign to stop incitement to murder Jews:

See more information at our Facebook page and join us!


Join us in fighting anti-Semitism on Canadian campuses


The Jewish Defence League will start a campaign in January to have this antisemitic mural taken down from the main hall in the Student Center of York University. This mural symbolizes violence to be used against Israel. This mural negates the rights of Jews to the Land of Israel.

Students have to walk by this mural every day.

The Jewish Defence League agrees with the position of Avi Benlolo from the SWC of Canada, “university administrations must be held accountable if they promote inconsistent and discriminatory standards. York’s reputation is in a precarious position; its administration should take immediate steps to do the right thing and tear the poster down.”

Join the JDL campaign to have the mural taken down.

Next: A pro terrorism, anti Israel event will be held at University of Toronto on January 12:

955717af-27b0-4c68-b0fc-038e10fa657dThis incitement to murder Jews event will be opposed.  No one is going to be allowed to incite others to stab Jews and get away with it.  The event is described on their Facebook event page in the following manner:

“As the resistance on the ground intensifies, university campuses remain central to building on the Palestinian solidarity movement.”

Also on Facebook, the BDS McMaster group posted this cartoon:


Our overpaid Jewish leaders have turned a blind eye to this incitement against Jews and Israel.

URGENT: Meeting of York U students with JDL Canada reps: Sun Oct 19

JDL Canada is designing a JDL campus curriculum and very much need your input, ideas, feedback and case studies, and to hear how you are feeling these days on the York U. campus.

The more York students who participate, the better.

Join us on
Sunday, October 19, 2014
10:30 a.m.
The Zionist Centre
788 Marlee Avenue (at Lawrence, a short walk from Lawrence West subway)
Parking at rear.

Please Note: This meeting is for York U. students. However, in the near future, Zaza Vili, JDL’s head of security and Vera Held, the Director of JDL on Campus, will also be holding meetings with Ryerson and U of T students.

Contact Vera Held, Director via email vera@veraheld.com for more information and to confirm your attendance.

News about Israel Apartheid Week, Robert Spencer’s visit to Toronto and more

You’ve heard this story before:

A man walks into his doctor’s office after his annual physical exam and the doctor says, “Harold I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”

Harold says, “Give me the bad news first.”

So that’s what we’ll do in this update. Remember, there really is some good news — just keep reading!

The Jewish Defence League is alerting our community to some very disturbing anti-Jewish, anti-Israel developments. Once again, the debunked “Israel Apartheid Week” fiasco is preparing to rear it’s ugly head again on Canadian university campuses -– and around the world.

The promoters of the event seem to think that they gain credibility by inviting speakers who are convicted terrorists and other organizations that promote the use of unsavoury “lawfare” in attempts to silence being exposed; organizations that have raised funds for groups listed by Israel as Hamas front groups.

Please review our vital information and then mark your calendar for some positive actions in which you can participate in order to counter the anti-Jewish / anti -Israel incitement.

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An Open Letter to Michael Diamond of the Canada Israel Committee

I (Meir Weinstein, Director, JDL) sent out a notice last week about two anti Israel problems taking place in Toronto.

The first was an ‘Al Quds’ day event to take place at Queens Park and the second was a colaboration agreement with Al Quds University and York University.

The first event was reported by blogger BlazingCatFur: “When Anti-Zionism becomes Anti-Semitism.”

The second problem was posted by York University: “New agreement extends York’s collaboration with Al-Quds University

It is only a matter of time before York University will host Al Quds Rallies.

I received an email from CIC Board member Michael Diamond. He states that life is good for Jewish Students at York and the collaboration agreement with Al Quds U. is a good thing.

The following information is from a JDL supporter on this subject:

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‘Tonight, at York University, I attended a lecture on campus anti-Semitism…’

Blogwrath reports:

Some Jewish students felt the painting was threatening and offensive, but the administration responded that the artist has written “peace” and “justice” underneath, so the work has a positive message (by the way, “justice” in Chinese is misspelled). Only at York University could anybody defend an anti-Semitic painting in such a bizarre way.

Then I saw a press release, plastered all over the place, announcing that Satan has donated $25 million to York University…

Anti-Semitism continues at York University, Toronto

JEW HATE @ York University on display at Toronto City Hall

Pro-Israel blogger “BLOGWrath” has many articles about the history of antisemitism at Toronto’s notorious York University:

Boycott York University starting April 2013

STOP the lies.



The Jewish Defence League of Canada is calling for a boycott of York University.

There are many high profile members of the Jewish Community who donate large sums of money to York University.

Beginning in April 2013, JDL will picket outside the offices of such high profile members of the Jewish Community to demand that they no longer provide material support to York University.

Terrorist Supporters and Anti-Semitism Permitted at Crime-Plagued York University: (Shocking VIDEO evidence.)

STOP the lies. STOP the BDS !!!!!!!!!!!

Please sign the petition.




York University Professor: David McNally

March 27, 2013