JDL will protest pro-Khomeini terror recruitment in Richmond Hill: May 31

On Sunday, May 31, 2015 various Canadian Muslim groups are holding an event dedicated to celebrating the legacy of Iran’s Imam Khomeini: “AN AWAKENING AGAINST GLOBAL INJUSTICE.”

JDL Canada will also be present, to protest this “celebration” of a foreign dictator and terror supporter on Canadian soil.

Help us send the message that the Ayatollah Khomeini does NOT represent Canadian values.

We will assemble at 4:30 pm at:

Islamic Society of York Region
1380 Stouffville Road, Richmond Hill

(Map and directions)

The email invitation to this event, sent out by “Islamic Enlightening,” calls Khomeini “one of the greatest Arif and Marja-e-Taqlid of our time” who “struggled” for “justice for the oppressed.”

This is an interesting description of the late Iranian leader Khomeini, who, among other crimes, oversaw the 444 day kidnapping of American diplomats (an act of war chronicled in the recent film Argo.)

The Ayatollah Khomeini also advised his followers about how to have sexual relations with children and animals without violating Islamic law, as noted below in an article by Mark Steyn (who was later taken to court by Canadian Muslims for writing these very words in Maclean’s magazine):

Signora Fallaci then moves on to the livelier examples of contemporary Islam – for example, Ayatollah Khomeini’s “Blue Book” and its helpful advice on romantic matters: “If a man marries a minor who has reached the age of nine and if during the defloration he immediately breaks the hymen, he cannot enjoy her any longer.” I’ll say. I know it always ruins my evening.

Also: “A man who has had sexual relations with an animal, such as a sheep, may not eat its meat. He would commit sin.” Indeed. A quiet cigarette afterwards as you listen to your favourite Johnny Mathis LP and then a promise to call her next week and swing by the pasture is by far the best way. It may also be a sin to roast your nine-year-old wife, but the Ayatollah’s not clear on that.

NOTE: The Ayatollah’s “Blue Book” — which contains these and other writings — has been called “mandatory for every literate person [in Iran], a kind of guide to living.”

Today, Iran threatens Israel with annihilation, spreads Holocaust denial, executes homosexuals and through its nuclear program, constantly maintains a threatening stance to world peace.

Are these Canadian values?

JDL Canada says no.

Please join us on Sunday, May 31 at 4:30pm as we protest this “celebration” of Ayatollah Khomeini’s teachings.

JDL Canada supports Pamela Geller

We are at war and we must be prepared to defend our rights.

Radical Islam dominates many Islamic Groups in North America.

The JDL looks forward to bringing Pamela Geller again to Canada. Since JDL has expanded to other cities in Canada, we would work to host her across Canada.

ISIS is now claiming responsibility for Sunday’s attempted terror attack at the Muhammad Art Exhibit in Garland, Texas and states that future attacks will be planned.

And why wouldn’t ISIS brag about it? Instead of condemning the attackers, the mainstream media has been busy condemning event organizer Pamela Geller for provoking the attacks:

Join JDL Canada at the Walk for Israel, Toronto: Monday May 18 2015


By participating in this year’s Walk with Israel, you are proudly declaring to the world-at-large your support for, and love of, the Jewish State of Israel.

There will be anti Jewish/Israel gangs attempting to disrupt the Walk For Israel. And that is why it is important for the Jewish Defence League to be there.

These anti Jewish/Israel gangs want Israel to be destroyed. The Jewish Defence League will be prepared to deal with these gangs.

Please join JDL at Toronto’s Walk for Israel on Monday, May 18th 2014.

We will be meeting at the Prince’s Gates at 9:30 AM.

Wear your JDL shirts and we will walk together.

This is a very important event for us to support, so please plan to attend and bring a friend.

The Jewish Defence League mission to Vancouver was a success!



It was very important to establish a JDL presence in Vancouver because of the many anti Israel groups that are active there.

These anti Israel groups in Vancouver have lead campaigns to boycott Israel and have even attempted to block shipping boats from Israel.

A JDL presence in Vancouver will lead a campaign to counter future anti Israel activities.

The latest anti Israel action was a so-called Palestinian Christian group called Sabeel that had a conference in a church to promote the PFLP terror group as a group following in the footsteps of a Palestinian Jesus.

The Jewish Defence League did picket the conference and was joined with some members from the Jewish community and mainly the Christian community.

We all stood outside in the rain and cold determined to expose and confront hate, lies and promotion of terror.

Anti Israel groups wrote about our actions in Vancouver:

Jewish Defense League in Canada threaten to “derail” conference

And the official Anglican Church publication wrote about the event and sided with the anti Israel group:

“Christian Zionism a ‘heresy,'” says Anglican priest

It is vital that JDL expands into other cities in Canada. The need is urgent.  Anti Israel groups are growing and our Jewish leadership is weak.

JDL will fill this void and provide strong Jewish leadership.  But in order to be a success, JDL must have your support.  JDL now has a presence in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and soon Calgary and Ottawa.  Join us and give us your support.

JDL to shut down Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Canada

Terrorist leader and supporter Khalid Jarrar has been indicted on 12 charges relating to terrorism. She has been in custody in Israel since April 1st, 2015.

The indictment attributes 12 security crimes to her, including being a member of the banned Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist group, holding an administrative post in the PFLP, as well as conducting a series of public activities for the PFLP.

It should be noted that Canada, the EU, USA, Israel and others officially classify Jarrar’s organization, the PFLP, as a terrorist organization.

Jarrar’s daughter, Yafa, will be a guest speaker at an upcoming hate-fest in Vancouver on April 23rd. Her topic of discussion will be on how to destroy Israel by means more accepted by Westerners.

The PFLP is the Marxist communist terrorist entity who pioneered plane hijacking in the 1970s. Their funding mainly came from the USSR. Since the collapse of the USSR, PFLP website claims that they have little funding. However, recently, the Islamic Regime in Iran has been funding PFLP, but on a pay for “per head” or commission basis. This is the likely cause of a recent spike in terrorist activities committed by the PFLP in recent month, most notable the hacking to death of innocent civilian worshipers in November 2014.

The stated goals of the PFLP, according to PFLP web-site, is the elimination of Israel and its supporters, namely Christians who support Israel and the USA.

Khalida Jarrar uses anti-Jewish sentiments to promote her Marxist agenda. It should be noted that the Jarrar clan are immigrants to Judea and Samaria (sometimes referred to as the “West Bank”). Although claiming to be indigenous ‘Palestinians’, they were imported into the area around 1700 CE, by the rulers of that time, the Ottoman Empire, to serve as tax-collectors. Their actual indigenous home is in an area of what is now located in Jordan.

Supporters of PFLP in Canada are often duped into thinking they are actually supporting human rights, women’s rights and other noble causes. They are often completely oblivious to the hate that they are inadvertently supporting.

Such is the case this Friday where various ‘rights’ groups will be joining various Marxist and Islamist groups to protest at the Israeli Consulate Toronto, to have Jarrar released. These ‘protesters’ often neglect to mention Jarrar’s participation in terrorist activities, the nature of the PFLP as well as neglecting to mention Jarrar’s arrest on April 1st was in response to her complete disregard to a restraining order that was issued to her in August 2014.

One of Jarrar’s daughter’s Facebook page in Arabic laments that her mother’s arrest was done in coordination with the Palestinian Authority and the PA has not spoken out against the arrest. Both of Jarrar’s daughters reside in Canada.

JDL Counterprotest against PFLP at Israeli Consulate.

Friday, April 17th
5:30 pm-7:00 pm
Israel Consulate
180 Bloor Street West, Toronto

The JDL will also travel to Vancouver to protest the Sabeel PFLP Terror recruitment conference April 23-25 and we need your support. LEARN MORE here!

Mark Harding Memorial: Monday April 20th, 7:00

Photo: Blogwrath

Photo: Blogwrath

Mark Harding was a great friend of Israel, and a man who singlehandedly fought Islamofascism even before 9/11.

The JDL is hosting a memorial event in Mark’s honour:

Monday April 20th,  7:00
Toronto Zionist Center
788 Marlee Avenue, Toronto

His friend Blogwrath remembers Mark Harding and his incredible story:

Let me just say now that what shortened his life and caused his untimely death was his passion to help others. He was one of the first Christian ministers to see the threat of the militant Islam. He didn’t hate Muslims – he saw them as misguided souls in a need of help to get out of their trap. Some of them loved him back and appreciated his efforts, others, and they were the majority, hated him and did everything in their power to destroy him. In 1997, through the efforts of the Muslim fanatics, he was convicted for “hate speech” over criticizing Islam. He was the first significant casualty of the Muslim barbarism in Canada.

After his conviction, he was sent for “re-education” to the terrorists of ISNA – the sinister Muslim organization that was caught later financing Muslim terrorism in Pakistan.

The trial ruined his health, but he continued his work with quiet dignity, trying to look into the future instead of lamenting over the past. He was a good man who is survived by a loving family and many friends.

Scaramouche writes:

When, some years after this horrifying treatment, I had the privilege of meeting Harding, I told his that what happened to him was a travesty of justice, and that Canada not only owed him a debt a gratitude but an apology and compensation as well.

But because his name wasn’t, say, Maher Arar–or even Omar Khadr–and even though his innings with Canada’s “hate speech” Javerts took a heavy toll on his health, Harding neither demanded nor received anything for his ordeal.
Rest in peace, Pastor Harding. You will be missed.

JDL Counterprotest against PFLP at Israeli Consulate: April 17

JDL Counter Protest Against the Pro Terror PFLP Protest at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto

Friday, April 17th
5:30 pm–7:00 pm
Israel Consulate
180 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Supporters of the Terror Group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine are holding a protest at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto on Friday April 17th at 6:00 pm

The focus of the rally is PFLP leader Khalida Jarrar, who was recently arrested by the IDF for terror activities.

This is a quote from a recent interview with her:

Let all Palestinians share in the popular resistance. It includes everything, stones, molotov cocktails, the boycotting Israel, organising yourself in cooperatives. People’s creativity is much richer than anything I will say to you.

Remember that the PFLP claimed credit for the Har Nof terror attack in November, when Rabbis were hacked to death with butcher knives.

The Jewish Defence League will hold a counterprotest against these PFLP supporters and members. Our counter protest will last one hour and will allow those that keep the Shabbat enough time, because candle lighting time is 7:45pm.

Raise the flags of Canada and Israel. And loudly proclaim Israel is a Jewish State.

Connecting the dots: Canadian Friends of Sabeel and the PFLP terror group

The connection between the  Canadian Friends of Sabeel (CFOS) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror group is very clear.

All church groups should be aware that by supporting CFOS, they are supporting the PFLP. The PFLP is listed by the Government of Canada as a terror group.

Because one of our goals is to weaken support for terror groups in Canada, the Jewish Defence League will provide this information to these church groups.

The JDL will picket the Sabeel Conference in Vancouver April 23-25.

Also, we will have an open information meeting at a Pro Israel Vancouver Church on Thursday April 23rd in the evening.

Join and support the JDL Protest at the Pro PFLP Sabeel Terror Recruiting Conference in Vancouver.


It is essential that JDL Canada be present to confront those who spread dangerous lies about Israel and Judaism:

St. Mary’s Kerrisdale Church
2490 W. 37th Avenue  (at Larch)
Vancouver, BC

The Canadian Friends of Sabeel is involved in a campaign to support a leader of the Terror Group PFLP by the name of Khalida Jarrar.

This is their announcement on the CFOS Facebook page. They shared this announcement
from their supporter Rima Najjar:


CFOS – Canadian Friends of Sabeel shared Rima Najjar’sphoto.
4 April at 13:59
“OUR DAUGHTERS WILL SPEAK FOR US UNTIL PALESTINE IS FREE The Jewish state is silencing the mother (Khalida Jarrar), but her daughter @[119100092:2048:Yafa Jarrar]’s voice rings loud and clear. FREE PALESTINE! (lawmaker and PFLP member Khalida Jarrar is one of many Palestinian lawmakers to be detained by Israel, a policy that has received international criticism over the years.) The Jewish state has imprisoned PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, but his aptly named daughter @[610683592:2048:Sumoud Sa’dat] will continue to speak until Palestine is free.”
Rima Najjar with Sumoud Sa’dat and 3 others


The Jewish state is silencing the mother (Khalida Jarrar), but her daughter Yafa Jarrar’s voice rings loud and clear.

FREE PALESTINE! (lawmaker and PFLP member Khalida Jarrar is one of many Palestinian lawmakers to be detained by Israel, a policy that has received international criticism over the years.)

The Jewish state has imprisoned PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, but his aptly named daughter Sumoud Sa’dat will continue to speak until Palestine is free.

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Passover Message from JDL Canada


The Passover (Pesach) Seder has more than its own share of opposites.

It can be confusing: Are we commemorating our freedom and the Exodus from Egypt and slavery, or are we remembering the bitterness of our years as slaves under the cruel rule of the Pharaohs of Egypt?

We recline, to demonstrate we are free. Yet we dip our food in salt-water to remind ourselves of the tears of our slavery.

We drink the “Arba Kosos – four cups” of wine, which represent the “four languages of redemption,” but we eat charoses to commemorate the mortar bricks we were forced to make. Maror reminds us of the bitter times we spent in Egypt, yet we recline to demonstrate our liberty.

The explanation, however, is obvious. As our Sages put it, “Light is only fully recognized when emerging from darkness.” One can only appreciate the importance of freedom after he fully understands what slavery entails. To truly praise Hashem for taking us out of Egypt, we must first learn about slavery, and even perform physical symbols to bring home to us how bitter it actually was.

As I review the bold steps taken by the JDL over the past year, I feel overwhelmed  with pride.

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UPDATE: Join our picket in Vancouver April 23-25

As stated earlier, JDL Canada plans to travel from Toronto to confront an evil anti-Semitic event in Vancouver that attempts to unify Christian groups with pro-Hamas groups.

St. Mary’s Kerrisdale Church
2490 W. 37th Avenue (at Larch)
Vancouver, BC

They prop up the false Islamic narrative that Jesus was a Muslim — and with a new twist, they claim he was a Palestinian, and that the world would be a better place with no Jewish State.

The haters behind the Sabeel Conference are very aware of the JDL plan to confront and expose their hideous antisemitic event.

They have discussed the JDL initiative on their latest post and video.

We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to help get us to Vancouver to protest this conference!  And people are responding by contributing through our website, mail and our crowd funding program.  Also many people in Vancouver will join the JDL picket.

Please visit our crowdfunding page and watch a short but important video explaining the goals of these anti-Semites, and how they are  trying to rewrite history (and even the Bible !) while diverting attention away from Islamist slaughter of Christians and others.

We have a duty to confront and expose hate about Israel and Judaism wherever it appears! The lessons of Shabbat HaGadol are part of the ideology of the Jewish Defence League.  We are not afraid to take a stand and confront those that seek our destruction.

(Read this expose of SABEEL and its supporters in FRONTPAGE MAGAZINE.)